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I Wish I Knew This During Our Courtship. I wish I knew we were supposed to be different. I got engaged to my wife in the year 1996. That was a long time ago. I was born again, with ministry in view, but I was an ignoramus when it came to the issues of temperament.

You see; knowledge is power. I am a quick, nimble person when it comes to how I do my things. My wife is not like that; she is deliberate in doing her things.

So, having waited for her like three times, and almost getting late for fellowship, (We lived in the same hall – male and female section!) I got angry. So I would lecture her and all that. Then I stumbled on the book by Tim LaHaye on temperament, and that book delivered me.

I understood that we are supposed to be different. I saw that it was actually our differences that got us attracted to each other in the first place because opposites attract.

However, after being lost in love and you are now awake, and your eyes are cleared, the very ‘opposites’ that attracted you in the first place now becomes an irritation and many relationships do not get past this stage!

Understand that you are supposed to celebrate your point of differences because that is how the balance would be achieved in your relationship and marriage later on. What would the world look like if everybody were like you? It would be so boring! I Wish I Knew This During Our Courtship

Many husbands ignorantly try to “change” their wives to be like them. It will not likely happen!

You can learn from each other over the years, and even exchange temperaments at some points, but you are going to be different in thought patterns, opinions, and so on.

Know this and know peace! Celebrate your differences and let weaknesses be covered by each other’s strengths.

No spouse is useless. Everybody is bringing something vital to the table.

Work together and harness your strengths. Minimize your weaknesses and you will be a power couple eventually.

I hope you are blessed this morning. Good morning! This is What I Wish I Knew During Our Courtship

I seek relevant knowledge. God’s word gives me light

Lord, teach me wisdom in areas where I lack in Jesus’ name

A wise man is strong; yea, a man of knowledge increaseth strength.  Proverbs 24:5 KJV

Celebrate each other.

Mark 13


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