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Hullo Sweetie, We Are Married. The phrase “I married you” conveys both a choice and an acknowledgment on the part of the speaker.

These two components are necessary for the continued health of any marriage. The aspect of decision reminds us that we have selected one path in life, and we must adhere to it if we want our marriage to endure.

On the day of your wedding, your guests will rejoice with you, but in the end, you will be left with the outcome of your choice. This is something that I frequently tell individuals who are engaged.

There is no turning back after a couple has exchanged vows and become husband and wife. Your choice is now set in stone and cannot be reversed. You shouldn’t be focusing on changing your decisions; rather, you should be focusing on how to enjoy the ones you’ve already made.

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Hullo Sweetie, We Are Married

When it comes to acceptance, the words “I married you” demonstrate that there is no room for comparison of any kind in the relationship. It indicates that you are aware of what you have done and are clear about your decision.

Marriage is an adventure that lasts a lifetime. There is no purpose in wasting each day dwelling on past wrongs, suffering, and resentment. You do not have an infinite amount of time, therefore you should make the most of each day.

Continue doing what you’re doing and make sure you’re getting the most out of your marriage.

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Hullo Sweetie, We Are Married

Everything that is happening in your marriage right now is a direct result of the choices you have made.

A marriage s beyond a transaction. it is a covenant, God Himself being the covenant witness. It comes with responsibilities, learning and unlearning, understanding how to live with your spouse, and sacrificing for one another most of the time. 

Are you ready to get married? Are you married? Then start thinking about commitment, responsibility, sacrifice, understanding, and adding value to one another! 

Good morning! 


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