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Continued from yesterday…

2. Don’t fall in love hopelessly.

When you are falling in love, fall in love with some life! Don’t fall in love with a profile on social media. You may be disappointed. Don’t fall in love with a picture! You never know who you are dealing with!

Before you give your heart out, be sure you see the person you are dealing with, or else your heart can be wrenched apart!

“Pastor, it is not just a profile, I heard his voice!” It is still the same hopelessness, falling in love with a voice. Who owns the voice?

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The rule of thumb is simple, never give any commitment to someone you have not seen. 

If he is not committed to travel down to where you are, or he doesn’t have enough money to come or he doesn’t have the time, then he is not ready for marriage.

I know there can be situations when the persons are far away, probably in another country, then get family members who are around involved.

You cannot just fix a wedding date with somebody in Brazil and then travel there. I cannot recount how many have called me to talk about the greatest disappointments of their lives upon emptying their accounts and resigning from work to go and meet a guy somewhere who eventually turns out to be mentally imbalanced. A word is enough for the wise.

3. Don’t fall in love carelessly.

Don’t fall in love carelessly.

You met two hours ago. Now you are in bed! That is not love! That is lust and you are going to be dropped soonest like hot potatoes! The principles of God are being violated like that and you are not going to have His support.

The purpose of falling in love is not to take somebody to bed; it is to take somebody down the aisle. Jeru trap with someone will never be able to prove your love. They are just not the same, otherwise, the prostitute will fall in love with all her clients, but it never happens that way. Fall in love with care and caution!

Discretion shall preserve thee, understanding shall keep thee: (Proverbs 2:11 KJV)

To be continued tomorrow…

I will not miss it in marriage.

Lord, open the eyes of my understanding.

Eph 1:18 [GW] Then you will have deeper insight. You will know the confidence that he calls you to have and the glorious wealth that God’s people will inherit.

Pray for insight

Isaiah 7

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