How You Can Influence Your Husband As A Wife

How You Can Influence Your Husband As A Wife
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In today’s devotional, I’d be speaking mainly to our women, but men can still learn a thing or two from this. We’re looking at how you can influence your husband as a wife. A woman is so influential- that her role or her absence in a man’s life can be easily felt. Have you ever thought of why most men will eventually remarry after their wife dies? No matter how much he claims to love his wife. Even if he stays without remarrying for a long time or mourns her for a long period of time. He will still eventually get married.

For the women, it is not so. Usually, a woman will stay unmarried after her husband dies. The men will always have one excuse or the other, who will help take care of the kids? But even if the kids are all grown up they still remarry. They would say, who will they talk with? The truth is that a man cannot do without Jeru trip for long. He needs that release for him to be okay and complete.

So if a wife is that important to a man’s life, let wives use their influence well. Don’t let us just reduce it to the other room, taking care of the children and the kitchen. As a wife, you can use that power to positively challenge your husband to move the family forward.

Here are some areas that a woman can influence her husband positively;

1. A wife can encourage her husband to be more spiritual. It is known that women are more spiritual than men, at least they have a heart for God. A woman can encourage him for bible reading, daily devotions, and prayer time.

2. A wife can encourage her husband to go to church.

3. A wife can influence her husband to be committed in God’s house and serve God.

4. A wife can encourage her husband to make financial investments.

5. A wife can influence her husband to build a house and start a business.

6. A wife can encourage her husband to be a nice person.

7. A wife can influence her husband to live healthily and have a healthy lifestyle.

8. A wife can encourage her husband to treat in-laws and family members rightly.

9. A wife can influence her husband to get better at what she knows he can do. e.g get a better education, study a course, pass his exams.

10. A wife can encourage her husband to start something innovative and develop his dreams, talents, aspirations, achieve his goals and start something altogether new.

There is no end to the influence of a woman. Women have been known to influence kings, defeat nations and do near-impossible feats.

God gave you the power to influence. Find out what it is that your husband is called to do and influence him positively.  Influence him to be the best in his field of endeavor. Be known for something and let it be a positive influence.

God bless your marriage

I am a positive influence on my husband

Lord, help me to be a positive influence on my husband.

A woman shall compass a man

Begin to deploy your power of influence.

Isaiah 1-4

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