How To walk Yourselves Into Glory As Couples

How To walk Yourselves Into Glory As Couples

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We are in a very significant year as I have heard so many people say a lot of things about this season. This year, we have to prepare to walk into greatness. There is no accidental success and no growth is a coincidence.

We have to prepare our ways if we must see any significant positive changes in our lives and families. Twelve months is a lot of time. You could start this year having nothing and in twelve months, have kids, have a business of your own, move into your own house, and be doing something significant in the nation.

All these come as a result of the blessing (if it must be true prosperity). The blessing however has to be activated. We activate the blessing by walking in certain principles of the kingdom.

As couples, you have to make up your minds and do so early enough. You cannot continue to do things you used to do and expect a different result. There must be significant changes in your approach and attitudes.

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No more compromises!
No to living life haphazardly!
No to prayerlessness!
No to the works of the flesh, works of unrighteousness!
No to not paying of tithes!
No to lack of intimacy with God!

You decide to say yes to a life that honors God!
Yes to living to please God!
Yes to seeking to know God!
Yes to hearing the voice of God!
Yes to a life of Obedience!

If you do all these, you will be preparing your way into significance.

Remember, God has a purpose for you and your marriage. Carry your spouse along and you will see yourself walk into Glory.

May God grant us grace in Jesus name.

God bless our marriages.

No more compromise. No, not me.

Help me Lord to be faithful to my marriage covenant

Prov 6:2 [NKJV] You are snared by the words of your mouth; You are taken by the words of your mouth.

Take your spouse out

Jos 6

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How To walk Yourselves Into Glory As Couples

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