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One of your roles as a wife is to take care of your husband. In some parts of the country, young ladies preparing for marriage are often taught some of these skills. Others watch their mothers or older women as they perform this all important role of taking care of their husbands.

You can become a wife a moment you sign the wedding register. It takes a minute to earn the title of ‘Mrs’, the moment you sign the dotted line and say ‘I do’. But to function as a wife requires knowledge and skills.

This skill of taking care of one’s husband is fast becoming obsolete. Wives, no longer see it as a priority and responsibility. Our present society is not helping matters. Husbands are left in the hands of maids to take care of while the wives go on in pursuit of their careers.

Some wives don’t know how to take care of their husbands. Meanwhile, taking care of your husband is the key to marital bliss. When you treat your husband like a king, he reciprocates back treating you like his queen. It is honor to take good care of your husband and there are blessings attached to it.

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You take care of your husband in the following ways:

1. Cook him variety of dishes
I know most wives are working class women who probably have maids. You can supervise what the maid cooks for him.

2. Serve his food
Some wives are not even there to see to what their husband is eating. There is a lot of power in food. And she who feeds your husband is important.

3. Serve him in any and every aspect he requires
Be there to assist your husband. Treat him as a king, there are some things you don’t just allow your husband do. Not because he is handicapped, but because you want to show him honor

4. Be involved in what he does
Part of being an help meet is showing interest in whatever your husband does. Be it business, career etc. Ask questions about what you don’t know.

5. Be his friend and emotional ally
There is nothing a man needs more than a friend. Someone to gist with. Be that friend

6. Meet his sexual needs
Jeru trip
for your husband is very important. Don’t leave that aspect of your duty unattended to. Satisfy his needs as often as he requires it. Your role is not complete until this aspect is fulfilled.

7. Pray for your husband
When you pray for him him you engage the power of divinity to step in, in areas where your humanity can’t reach. You can pray for his protection, provision and whatever he may be dealing with.

If wives can try and fulfill all these, there will be less quarrel in homes and marriages.

God bless your marriage

I receive Godly wisdom

Lord, teach me by your Holy Spirit

Pro 14:1 (KJV) Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.

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