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SINGLES – How To Survive Hurts And Disappointments

Continued from yesterday…

Forgiveness is releasing the offender in your heart only to discover you are freeing yourself. The offender or the person that hurt has moved on, and it is even probable he might meet Jesus along the way, retrace his steps and do well. It is you that must not resign to fate because of some past occurrences, let go and let God!

Why must you forgive hurts? God says so. You also want Him to forgive you anyway.

It will be too much to hold a person or persons in bitterness in your heart.  Free yourself and allow God who is the re-writer of history to rewrite your life. Allow God who can collapse years to recompense every lost year. Allow God who is the restorer to help you to the point that you will forget the shame of your youth!

Yes, he really hurt you. He jilted you. She deceived you. He pushed you into abortions. She eloped with your money. He raped you. Your cousin violated you. Your big sister abused you. Your father slept with you. Your house-help did this and that…the issues are endless…It has happened!

Don’t ostracize yourself like Mephibosheth to Lo-debar, a land of no communication because he was dropped by his caretaker and broke his ankles. Rather, allow God to make a message out of the mess. Allow Him to turn the mistakes into miracles. That is How To Survive Hurts And Disappointments.

Allow God to birth a dream out of the doom. Allow him to showcase you to the world that when He covers anybody with His glory, the shame and the embarrassments become a thing of the past, and the broken become masters at mending.

The first step is to forgive hurts. I pray for strength for you today in your inner man to let go. Some of you have bottled it for years and it has kept you captive like when a lion holds its prey at the jugular.

Don’t allow bitterness and strife to lock their jaws on you and keep you immobilized. If you need somebody to talk with to initiate the healing process, feel free to give me a call on +234 802 3507395. If I don’t pick up your calls, keep trying, I might be in a meeting.

Don’t just become a survivor. Become a forgiver!

It’s a new day for you!

You will succeed!

Your life will be a testimony!

You are blessed!

How To Survive Hurts And Disappointments

My future is colorful and bright. I will not allow an unforgiving spirit to rob me of it. I receive grace to forgive all hurts and offense

Lord, I ask you to give me a loving heart like Jesus. Give me a heart that forgives hurts and prays for those who despitefully use us.

Mat 6:14For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you:

Make a list and forgive all and don’t keep an unforgiving spirit

Ps 24-27


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