How To Secure Your Home Through A Soft Answer

How To Secure Your Home Through A Soft Answer
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This morning, by the Holy Spirit, I want to show us something that will help eliminate quarrels that might lead to strife, malice, hurts, and offenses in our marriages. That something is a soft answer.

It looks very simple because I have observed that the things that make for great success in life are simple yet profound. Their simplicity, however does not make them easy to do. If they were that easy, we shouldn’t be having issues in our marriages.

However, because of our pride, ego, human tendencies, selfishness, lack of patience and understanding, we cannot bring ourselves to do it.

What I am talking about is our responses. How we communicate with our spouse. Our response is very important at every point in time. In fact, our response is so important it gives direction to what happens next. The initial words spoken are not as important as our responses.

Pro 15:1 KJV
A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.

As couples, we ought to pay extra attention on how we respond. As a wife, never allow your response to be out of anger. Learn what a soft answer means.

As a husband, learn what a soft answer is. It is better to turn away wrath in your marriage than to prove a point that ‘you are the son of your father’ or that you are the ‘man in the house.’

Does that mean that even when my wife or husband talks harshly to me I should not give it back to him? Well, that is exactly what that scripture is saying.

It is very difficult. That was why I earlier said that something is simple doesn’t make it easy to do. It takes our learning and decision plus determination.

You need to choose whether you want to hold on to your ego and respond to your wife or husband harshly or you want to master the art of a ‘soft answer’. 

No matter how much you are tempted to answer harshly, don’t bulge, choose rather to give a soft answer. If God can have one person in the marriage give a soft answer, God will step in and turn away the wrath, strife, quarrel, offense, malice that will lead to hurt and unforgiving spirit.

God bless your marriage.

I will go for wisdom


Lord, guard and guide my mouth

Pro 18:15 (KJV)  The heart of the prudent getteth knowledge; and the ear of the wise seeketh knowledge.

Forgive all hurts

Genesis 30 – 31

By Sophia Okunowo

Pastor Sophia is a mother, mentor and pastors along side her husband.

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