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How To Respect Him Without Disrespecting God

Alright, so let’s dive into this whole respect thing, especially when it comes to your guy and not stepping on God’s toes in the process.

You know how crucial respect is, right? It’s like the glue holding relationships together, making sure everything runs smoothly. But here’s the deal – ladies, we’re good at giving props, showing love, and giving credit where it’s due. But, oh boy, when the guys mess up, it’s like a respect withdrawal party.

Get it. Respect isn’t something you just throw around randomly. It’s earned and deserved. You respect your dad, your boss, your pastor – they’ve got their roles, and you acknowledge that.

Now, relationships, that’s a whole different ball game. Your boo isn’t just a boss or a dad; he’s someone you know inside out – the good, the bad, and the ugly. And let’s be real, he’s probably messed up once or twice, and it stings.

But here’s the kicker – don’t let that mess with your view of him. Respect is like following God’s playbook. When you respect your guy, you’re not just playing by relationship rules; you’re respecting the bigger picture, the whole God-and-marriage thing.

So, how do you do it? How do you respect him without making God frown?

  1. Mind Matters: Respect starts in your head. Accept that your man is the head – it’s not a mistake; it’s by God’s design. Your job? Support that. Remind yourself it’s your duty, and do it with joy.
  2. Learn the Ropes: Some of us didn’t grow up seeing respect in action. You can learn it. Humble yourself, pick up the skill, and show some respect – for God’s sake.

    For some ladies, it may not come naturally to them to respect maybe because of their choleric temperament or background. Whichever way, you have to humble yourself and learn to respect him out of respect for God.
  3. Define and Refine: Respect isn’t just a word; it’s an action. Ask yourself, how can I admire this guy more? When you slip up, correct it. Ask, “Is this respect or disrespect?” Treat disrespect like a no-go zone, because, hey, you don’t want to disappoint God, right?

Remember Joseph and his stand against temptation? Well, your ultimate motivation here is not disrespecting God. 

Keep that in mind, and respecting your man will be a breeze.

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