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5. Is It The Right Time?

Am I rushing? Am I too young? Did we have sufficient friendship and courtship? Do I really know him or her since I can only love the person I know?

6. Is The Feeling Mutual?

Am I forcing myself on him or her? Does he or she reciprocates the love or treats me anyhow?

7. Is God Involved?

Do I have peace with this relationship? What are my Pastors saying? What about my parents? What about my siblings? Do I have peace?

Am I sure this is of God? Am I sure I am not on my own? Do I have God’s support and favour?

Ask yourself these questions and make sure you find answers to all of them and you would have succeeded in doing yourself a lot of good. You would have contributed to your happiness and taken charge of the future.

Don’t allow pressures brought about by delays or friends to make you decide and cling to what will obviously not work out.

There is no need to rush into a marriage because you are desperate only to get there and suffer silently because you never knew who you were dealing with.

Once you know a relationship is not of God or it is defective, don’t hesitate to end it all in order to do it right. A broken heart is still much better than a broken life!

Go back to God if you know your relationship with Him is not too good again because that is the foundation of getting blessed by Him!

It is well with you in Jesus name!

I possess wisdom, wisdom directs my actions. I am not blindly in love that I do not apply wisdom. I am patient to find out what I need to find out before saying ‘I do’.

Lord, help me to do my part and follow your leading in my decisions, especially in the area of my relationship. I receive fresh wisdom from you to direct my path in Jesus name.

Ask (questions), and the answer shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. –Matthew 7:7

Take a pen and paper and write down all the questions you are going to ask the person you intend to marry, whether he/she is already around or not. Be prepared, so you are not so much in love that all sense of reasoning is gone.

Ezekiel 48

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