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Allow her to express herself.

She is a “talk” person, not to be muted! This is very crucial and your understanding of this will save you a lot of marital squabbles.

Allowing her to express herself without fear, trepidation, and inhibition is allowing her to be all that God has created her to be. Allowing her to be all that God has created her to be is fulfillment and prosperity for her and for you eventually.

The greatest misfortune that can befall a man is living daily with a frustrated wife. When she is not allowed to express herself, she would begin to internalize. The more she internalizes, the more it can really become dangerous and you will not be happy about that.

It’s been said that an average man speaks about ten thousand words in a day. But an average woman speaks about twenty-five thousand words daily! By the time the husband returns from work, he has probably exhausted his quota of ten thousand words at work, with colleagues, with friends, and over the phone.

By the time the wife comes back from work, she probably would have done about ten thousand words as well. But, you see, she still has about fifteen thousand words bubbling in her entrails that she wants to unleash on her husband, children, and anybody available.

Now, this is the reason all the man wants to do is eat, listen to the news, check emails, have Jeru trip, and sleep! This is also the reason why your wife wants to talk a lot and explain a lot of things that the husband deems unnecessary!

So when a man asks his wife, “how was work today?” Bam! That question will be well answered with every detail of what happened since she drove out in the morning while the husband is wondering, ‘Why did I ask this question. What did I ask, what am I hearing?” You need to understand this need of ladies.

It is also the reason why many husbands doze off while the wife keeps talking. And then she asks, “Are you sleeping already,” and you tell a “holy” lie, “no I am listening, dear!”
Now, it becomes even more intense when your wife has not started work or she is a housewife! My God, the words are piling up, day in day out, they are being carried over!

This is why as a man, you should sit down with her and talk to her deliberately. Ever wondered why some ladies would be in a relationship with drivers, cooks, and gardeners, and so on, well the reason is obvious. They need to talk and they talk with whoever gives a listening ear.
This is why you also need to avoid strife like a plague in your matrimonial home. If you have not been talking to your spouse for days or weeks, that can be dangerous. You are inflating her vulnerabilities because she will find somebody else to talk to, and God forbids that the allegiance shifts!

But what if she offended me and she is wrong? Well, end the strife first, even when you have to apologize for what you didn’t do, then after that, you can discuss intelligently.
Ladies are to note, however, that expression of yourself in your matrimonial home as healthy as it is has boundaries. When you cross the line to the dangerous milieu of “Nagging” it can be very counter-productive!

Talking with your husband is different from nagging him!
As singles, if you are being muted already, something is not quite right. If communication is defective, slow down and find out why rather than ignore all the symptoms and rush into marriage only to discover it is a mistake!

Singles, never say to your fiancé/fiancée these two words: “Shut up!”

If a lady “shuts up for you and you think you won, you are joking!” Ever seen molten magma before? That is what it is like when a woman shuts up every time. The day the volcanic eruption comes forth, it can be disastrous. Be wise, keep the communication line open. Stop saying you are busy and that is why you have not called her in one week! What is your phone meant for? When you love a person, you want to talk with that person! Single ladies, there is a difference between courting a guy and courting disaster.

When a guy has not called you once in three months, the truth is that you are not in a relationship. Move on with your life, be happy, develop new friendships, and don’t allow anybody to keep your life suspended.

May God grant more understanding!

I am wise. I have the wisdom to run my relationship and make her happy.

Ask for divine wisdom to make your fiancee happy

Proverbs 19:14, KJV “House and riches are the inheritance of fathers: and a prudent wife is from the Lord.”

Make her happy

Prov 19


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