How To Maintain The Spiritual Glow As A Couple

How To Maintain The Spiritual Glow As A Couple
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One of the most difficult things to do is to try and maintain the spiritual glow now that you are married. Before marriage, my husband would read about 40 chapters of the bible, pray in tongues for hours and practice the presence of God. Apart from the fact that he is a pastor and must study and pray, all those times given to reading 40 chapters are no longer there.

When you are a married couple your time just seemed to be shared. It is no longer your time. The home is there, the kids are there to take care, responsibilities keep piling up and you just have your 24 hours in a day to maintain all that balance.

With maturity comes the ability to do a lot of things together at once, it is called multitasking.

As a mother, if you don’t know how to multitask, you have not yet started, especially if you are a career woman. If you have a job you do, I mean 8am to 6pm job like I used to do, and you don’t have a maid, and you have a ministry and God’s people to oversee, you had better know how to multitask, because multitasking is a must skill.

You have to learn to continually maintain the spiritual tempo not only of yourself but of the home. I am not there yet and I have to repent sometimes of not doing what I should be doing in terms of spiritual activities. I just come to terms that what has to be done must be done. So my daily reading of God’s word, my daily prayers, my daily confessions must be observed no matter what.

So, you must make a quality decision to make your spiritual glow a priority.

May God bless your marriage.

We are strengthened 

Lord, strengthen our marriage 

2Sa 22:33 (KJV)  God is my strength and power: and he maketh my way perfect.

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Ecclesiastes 1-6


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By Sophia Okunowo

Pastor Sophia is a mother, mentor and pastors along side her husband.

2 thoughts on “How To Maintain The Spiritual Glow As A Couple

  • Doyinsola Fatokunbo -

    The Lord will continually help us to maintain spiritual glow in our marriages, In Jesus Name.
    Thank you mummy.

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