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Who is your neighbor? Is it the family next to your family? The families on your street? Your friend? Your classmate? Your church friend? Who exactly is your neighbor? Why should you love your neighbor?

Let’s see what Jesus did about neighbours in the bible.

And the second command is like the first: ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself.’
Matthew 22:39 ICB

Jesus was talking about what loving someone else like you love yourself. Now ask yourself this question – “how much do I love myself?”

Thinking like this will help you take notice of how good or bad you have been treating yourself. If you are good to yourself, you will most likely treat others well and if you’re not, well, you will treat them badly.

Look at the way you think of yourself. Do you have healthy self-esteem and not self-pride. If your esteem is high, you will likely esteem others well too.

What words do you use on yourself? Are they negative words that you use to keep telling you how bad you are?

The verse above talks about how you are supposed to love someone – as yourself. And your neighbor is the nearest person to you. Not people who live beside you in the same compound or on the street. Your neighbor is whoever is close to you at any place you are.

On the bus, on the road, in class – anywhere you find yourself together with someone.

Yes, your neighbour lives beside you in the same compound or on the same street, but Jesus’ teaching wants you to see your neighbour beyond that. He wants you to see anybody you meet anywhere as your neighbour and treat them kindly just like He treats you kindly.

For instance, if you are sitting beside a young person like yourself on a bus and the person’s item falls down unnoticed by them, you should help to pick and give it to them. That’s the kind of love Jesus was talking about. Not that you ignore and look the other way.

For this series we will be looking at ways you can love your neighbour as yourself. May Jesus hi you a heart of love. Amen.

Lord, teach me how to show much love to my neighbor In Jesus’name, amen.

Action plan:
Buckle up as we learn more on this topic.


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