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1. Understand her Temperament

There are four basic temperaments. Your wife falls into one primary temperament and a secondary one.

She would always act out based on her temperamental disposition. It is your duty as the man to find out what her temperament is.

Knowing her temperament will help you to also know her strength and weaknesses. This will further enhance the ability to help her in maximizing her strength and minimizing her weaknesses.

This is what productivity in life is all about. Making adjustments and not just being fixated on who you are as a result of your temperament.

You have to constantly change, drop bad attitudes and negative tendencies and embrace productive habits.

Your temperament will never be an excuse for your life’s outcome. So before you say you really know her, what is her temperament?

2. Understand her Choices

A lady thinks different from a man. Most of the time, her choices will be emotional and shockingly sentimental.

If you don’t understand this, you will want to shut her down most times, simply because she is not logical.

The reality is that not all life’s decisions can be established on the ground of logic. Sometimes, you have to embrace her emotional and sentimental point of view to strike a balance.

Ignoring her or refusing to understand her choices can cost you a lot of losses.

She would always prefer you to buy food and kitchen stuffs rather than change the paint of your car!

She loves shiny things!

Understand her and don’t just focus on your own needs to her detriment.

3. Understand her Femininity

You have to understand that she is a female.

She is tender!
She is sensitive!
She is emotional!
She is motherly!
She is caring!
She is a love being!
She wants to be cared for!

She wants you to sometimes know what is wrong with her without her saying it because she herself doesn’t know!

She wants you to complement her always, all day, all moments and she would never be tired of receiving complements.

She wants you to rub her shoulder after eating a good meal instead of rubbing your tummy!

She wants you to verbalise your love, act it out and really mean it.

Compliment her without being sarcastic. She wants you to speak in hushed tones, using romantic words.

She doesn’t want you shouting at her or raising your voice unnecessarily.

She wants you be a lover boy! Her knight in shining armour!

What else do you think she wants?

Let me hear you in the comment section.

I choose to love her God’s way

Lord, teach me to love my partner at all times.

1 Corinthians 13:13 And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.

Show her love.

1 Cor 13


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