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Every marriage at one time or another will need the wine in the marriage to be renewed or replenish. This happens probably because we made more withdrawals than deposits in the emotional tank of each other.

Life happens and a times we get too busy or occupied with our tight schedules that we lag behind in the things that make our marriage sizzle. Maybe as a wife you have been busy with house chores, children , in laws, office work and you have been a liitle grouchy lately.

As a husband too, maybe you have been cranky lately with bills piling up and their deadline approaching or as a son to your parents you have responsibilities to fulfill or maybe your mechanic played a fast one on you and the list could be endless of different things that get us overwhelmed with life itself.

All these will eventually affect our marriage one way or the other.

In John 2:1-11 in the story of the Marriage at Cana in Galilee, we saw that at a particular point and time in the marriage the new finished. Thank God for Jesus being around at the marriage.

Jesus is the only solution for finished wine in our marriage. But Jesus alone did make it happen. Just as your being born again doesn’t guarantee the automatic renewal of the wine of your marriage.

In the marriage at Cana of Galilee, the key players are

1. Jesus Christ
2. The mother of Jesus
3. The Servants
4. The Bride and Groom
5. The chairman of the ceremony

For there to be renewal of your marriage wine you also need these people in your marriage.

1. Jesus Christ. – He is the Word. You need the word to be spoken over your marriage. You have to have an active relationship with the word and invite Jesus into your marriage.

2. The mother of Jesus. – you need people who care and are interested in you because they love you. They notice the little details of your life about your life and watch out for you. You have to give them the permission into your space.

They are like your mentor. This could also pass for the Holy spirit. Who nudges you that the wine in your marriage needs renewal.

3. The servants. These are like your Protégées. They will do whatever you ask them to do. You must know how to manage them for the benefit of your marriage. Don’t let them become pain to you, they are gift. This could pass for your faculties you employ and yield in obedience to Jesus

4. The bride and groom. – they are the couples whose marriage the wine needs renewal. Their marriage can become beautiful again. They can be helped of God and become the envy of all people.

5. The chairman of the ceremony. – this stands for the unbelievers around who will witness and share in the joy of what the Lord has and can do in your marriage when invited.

May we always allow Jesus into our marriage.
God bless our marriage.

The wine of my marriage will not finish. I receive divine refilling.

Lord, help me to know when I need a refill.

John 2:5 His mother saith unto the servants, Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it.

Obey God’s instructions.

John 2


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