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How To Have A Blast and Still Be Blessed. Sally and George were so deeply in love! However, George wanted Sally to do certain things for him which were like crossing the red line for Sally. Sally was caught in the middle. She so much loved George but she also adored God. It was a tug of war between the flesh and the spirit.

Can one really have a blast and still be blessed? Yeah, right! You can have a blast and still be blessed in your relationship! You can have a blast in your relationship without displeasing God or losing His favour in the process.

Sally was confused. She wept severally because she loved George and she loved God. She knew she had to drop one. It was a hard decision for her. The thought of dropping George seemed suicidal. The thought of dropping God is pure hell. What would she do?

As she sat in my office seeking counsel, I had compassion for her. I knew what to tell her, but I prayed for a pearl of wisdom for the right vehicle for my words to avoid a destiny accident. Love issues can be very tricky!

“Pastor, what should I do?” I looked at her. Her mien was that of one who knows what to do but lacks the strength to do so.

“Have you been sexually involved?” I asked her

She hesitated. Her head bowed, her countenance taking a duck, I knew the answer right away!

Sheepishly, she said “Yes Pastor, but we asked for forgiveness!”

“I am not here to condemn you daughter” I chipped in so that guilt will not convolute the conversation and the devil will not explore that loophole.

“It was only five times,” she said,

“Okay, my daughter.”

“You are in a battle between your soul and your flesh. The flesh wants George. Your soul needs God. The confusion is there because there has been a compromise. Every time there is a compromise, the soul gets confused.

“Think about this daughter. George is the lover of your flesh. God is the lover of your soul. To know what to do, you have to get into your spirit. The struggle is real but the truth is there.

Gal 5:17a (MKJV
For the flesh lusts against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh.

Don’t be in a rush. God is not an author of confusion. Take some time and have a sincere conversation with God. I don’t want to call it prayer. Just talk to God. From your spirit, your belly, in your knower, you will know the truth, and when you know what to do, however painful it might seem, take that decision.

Let me warn you, emotionally, it won’t be easy, but eternally, it will be a blessing!

Remember this, God knows best! He will never lead you wrong and He will never abandon you!” The safest place to be is God’s side! This is How To Have A Blast and Still Be Blessed

“Thanks, Pastor.”

As she stood up to leave, I added, “I think the greatest misery a person can find himself is to seek pleasing his lover while displeasing God. Things are going to get awry quickly.

“I understand sir,” she said. 

I will not disappoint God. 


Lord, help me to the needful and not just listen my flesh

Gal 5:16-17 (MKJV) I say, then, Walk in the Spirit and you shall not fulfill the lusts of the flesh. [17] For the flesh lusts against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh. And these are contrary to one another; lest whatever you may will, these things you do.

Decide for God, and not for your flesh!

Gal 5


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