In-Laws: How To Handle Troublesome Ones

how to handle in-laws
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The issue of in-laws is a very important one. If you have in-laws and they live in the town where you live, proximity should be handled with care.

In laws ought to wish their children the best at least to the best of their knowledge.

I believe it is best before marriage to prepare your heart to accommodate your in-laws in a cordial relationship. It is also good to accept them for who they are.

I am so blessed, when it comes to my in laws. My father, brother and sisters in law are so warm, I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Both in laws live in another town from us and it’s a blessing (although it has its own disadvantages).

So when some of our married couples begin to say their issues about in-laws I just wonder. Nonetheless, it’s an issue that affects our home and marriage and so has to be addressed.

Here are some helpful hints.

1. It is wrong to discuss your spouse with your parents and in-laws.

2. Getting in touch and staying in touch has to be done by the couple at both ends.

3. If an in-law has to stay with you, it has to be your joint consent. If your spouse is not in agreement, you have to pray about it. Until there is consent, don’t go ahead.

4. If your in-laws need financial support (brother or sister) you should decide together how much you will give.

5. It is your responsibility to send financial support to your parents and in-laws every month or otherwise as the case may be.

6. In the event that a sick parent or in-law has to stay with you, you must give your wife all the support she needs, emotional, physical and financial. Make her comfortable taking care of them.

7. Don’t let any in-law come in between you. You are married and nothing should change that.

8. In case you are parents in waiting, don’t allow the pressures of your in laws to tear you apart.

9. No one should encroach on your privacy. Don’t allow or permit it. You are married to your spouse.

10. You must put your foot down when it comes to protecting your spouse. But you also need the wisdom of God. So make sure you pray for wisdom and God’s help.

I have God’s wisdom

Pray that God strengthens you to make the right decisions

Hosea 14:4
I will heal their backsliding, I will love them freely: for mine anger is turned away from him.

Forgive all that hurt you

2nd Samuel 19 – 21

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By Sophia Okunowo

Pastor Sophia is a mother, mentor and pastors along side her husband.

9 thoughts on “In-Laws: How To Handle Troublesome Ones

  • Abiodun -

    In-laws! May God grant me wisdom to deal with them according to knowledge. Amen

  • Olanipekun olamide -

    Lord I pray that you continue to help me deal with my in-laws with wisdom of God. I love and cherish my in-laws.

  • Oluwafolakemi -

    Hmmmm in-laws!! I receive wisdom to deal with them.

  • Abigael Israel-Dairo -

    I receive wisdom to deal with my in laws.
    More grace Ma.

  • Olanipekun Tolulope J. -

    “I believe it is best before marriage to prepare your heart to accommodate your in-laws in a cordial relationship. It is also good to accept them for who they are.”

    I have God’s wisdom in Jesus name. Amen.
    Thank you ma.

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