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How to handle doubts about your lover is a skill you need, to have a successful relationship. Emeka and Sandy are seeing each other, but there is a nagging feeling within her that brings doubts every time. She didn’t know what to do with the doubts.

What do you do with doubts? Doubts will always come. You can’t prevent it. I think the first question is “Why do doubts spring up in a relationship that is looking so promising?

There are several scenarios that can elicit doubts. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. Doubts can come quickly to shatter the delicate glass of romance when your expectation of a lover are unrealistic and are not being met

2. When your lover is not God’s choice for you, God will allow the doubts to rush at you in order to get your attention.

3. Conversely, when the devil wants to dissuade you about your lover, he can bring doubts, his aim being to make you miss out on God’s plan for your marriage.

There are more ways to identify doubts in order to know how to handle doubts about your lover. 

4. When there is sexual compromise, the beautiful romantic story God is writing can quickly become one with nasty twists and turns. This is what sin does, particularly sexual sins, it seeks to bring confusion to the soul.

5. When you rush into a relationship with a lover without duly seeking God’s direction, every events in the relationship will be a spring board of doubt, simply because you are not sure.

6. When you shift the responsibility of finding out God’s plan to some prophet or seer, doubt will arise along the way and you will quickly drift off, since there was never a personal conviction.

7. When all respected people and authority figures around you are against the choice of your lover, doubts, like bandits, are waiting and lurking in the next junction of romantic journey.

8. When storms arise, and winds blow, and dusts rise to blur the romantic journey, doubts can quickly emerge from within the turbulence.

After knowing How To Handle Doubts About Your Lover, the next question then will be “What do I do when these doubts come? How can I guard against unnecessary doubts? How can I be really sure?

This is where we will continue from tomorrow! Don’t miss it!

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God bless you! 

I will not doubt. I have God’s Spirit in me.

Pray that God will bring His wisdom to your life

Rom 8:14 (KJV) For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.

Ask God for wisdom

Rom 8


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