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I promised to write on the topic “How To Handle A Choleric Wife” especially to help young couples understand themselves and know why their wives act the way she does.

She is not just intentionally bossy, she has an inborn ability to want to lead. She means no harm when she wants to take charge and be in control.

If you have choleric for a wife, you are blessed but only if you know how to manage her well. She will handle things well and you can go to bed if you put her in charge of anything.

The choleric temperament is often tempered with some other secondary temperaments, making the choleric a little subdued.

Here are some of her other strengths and weaknesses and you can best deal with her.

Remember, in marriage, we all make adjustments and we deal with each other according to knowledge.

1. She is energetic, an extrovert, and a goal-getter.

She is never laid back, always in the forefront wherever she is. Her extrovertish nature makes her loud. She always wants to achieve something worthwhile.

Don’t try to keep her down. Try to harness her energy into something the family will benefit from. Celebrate her achievements and praise her for a job well done.

2. She could be inconsiderate, selfish and sharp-tongued

These are some of the weaknesses of the choleric temperament. Rather than being meek and calm, considerate and thoughtful, she is all out to achieve her goals and will do anything or step on any toe on her way. Her sharp tongue is needed to achieve.

Rather than fight her when she is inconsiderate and sharp-tongued, correct her by showing her it is wrong.

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3. Her being extrovert makes her have a lot of friends

She has no secrets and will often bear her heart out to friends. She may talk about her husband, their sex life, and anything that can be said to her friends, mother, sisters and anybody that hat cares to listen.

Don’t rebuke her too harshly. Some of her friends can actually be of help later in the future.

Teach her the dangers of having too many friends and not holding some information. We are meant to make the Holy Spirit our best friend.

4. She finds it difficult to submit

People who have lived with choleric ladies know that a choleric does not submit to anyone except maybe the person she respects greatly

5. She is opinionated

She has to be heard. She states her case intelligently and wants to win the argument all of the time. She wants people to do her bindings. If possible, she would conquer her husband and make him submit to her.

She knows how to talk and may be over-confident, which makes her husband uncomfortable.

You have to teach her from the Bible that every wife that must successfully live with her husband must make her husband feel secured

I will stop here today.

God bless our marriage

I am supportive of my wife in all areas.

Lord, teach me to be supportive of my wife in Jesus name.

I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; 1Ti 2:1

Begin to look at areas you can give your support and begin to give it.

1Tim 2

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