How To Change Cycles And Break Into New Ones

How To Change Cycles And Break Into New Ones

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This is how to change your cycles and break into new ones. The social media is unpleasant and caustic to issues that has to do with giving, tithing, first fruits and so on.

Understandably so, there have been charlatans who have manipulated God’s people for their selfish end.

On the other side, the generation of Ishmael will always mock Isaac. It is Isaac who has to make us mind to be unmoved and stand his ground in following God and obeying eternal truths.

This season is when people are supposed to honor God with their first-fruits as well laid out in the scriptures.

Pro 3:9 (ERV)
Honor the LORD with your wealth and the first part of your harvest.

So there is honor here, and your first fruit becomes a measure of your value to God in terms of its quality and quantity.

The Bible also clearly says you can enter into a covenant with God by your firstfruits which should be a sacrifice.

Psa 50:5 (AMPC)
Gather together to Me My saints [those who have found grace in My sight], those who have made a covenant with Me by sacrifice.

With your sacrifice or first fruits, you can enter into a covenant with God concerning how you want this year to be and also use the same to change a persistent cycle in your life and break into another.

All through scriptures, from Abraham, to Isaac, to David, to Samuel, they forcefully barged into their next levels by sacrifice.

Even God, in wanting to get us back and to Himself, had to offer His best, Jesus as a first fruit!. The son of God became the son of man so that He can brings us as sons back to God.

We were saved through sacrifice!

The earlier you understand these principles and apply them, the quicker you break out of persistent yokes and become high flier by covenant!

Also, important are the laws of value and productivity, which opines that you must turn your value into a product, so that after paying your first fruit, you give God an avenue to bless the work of your hand and increase you and said in the scriptures.

In today’ edition of devotionals for Married Couples, I explained a little what first-fruit would do specifically. You can read HERE

You can also listen to Audio Messages (The Economy of Heaven And Your Prosperity Parts 1 & 2) I taught on this topic HERE. You will also be able to pray the prayers over your sacrifices.

May God give you understanding and strength to obey His voice!

I break every cycle of lack and insufficiency

Lord, open the eyes of my understanding to see truths from your word that will set me free

Pro 3:9 (MSG) Honor GOD with everything you own; give him the first and the best.

Pray for insight

Proverbs 3

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How To Change Cycles And Break Into New Ones

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