How To Celebrate Yourself In Marriage

How To Celebrate Yourself In Marriage

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Yes, you’ve got to celebrate yourself on your way to becoming better. God thinks you are a big deal, so don’t let the devil suggest to you otherwise.

You are very special to God and He loves you so much. Stop focusing on your failures and shortcomings. God understands our frail humanity. He knows our daily struggle against sin and the devil.

God says we should confess and repent of our sins and He will forgive us and remember them no more. He will blot out our sins and it will be like we never committed any sin.

That is good news. No matter how bad we may have been, God forgives and gives us another chance until we get it. God never gives up on us, instead, He celebrates us.

We should learn to enjoy the love, goodness, and mercy of God. A songwriter calls it the ‘overwhelming, never-ending love, reckless love of God. God’s love is so extravagant and reckless.

He pours His love and His power to forgive us in a reckless manner. We should take time to celebrate this love because we are the object of His love. In all of creation, He chose us as the focus of His love.

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Celebrate your victories no matter how little they are. Learn to pause and thank God because He has a plan for your life. He is taking you somewhere glorious and He is not done with you.

As you celebrate yourself, it becomes easy for you to celebrate your spouse and what God is doing in their lives as well.

All of us are a work in progress. God does not make failures and so we are sure we are not going to fail.

As you trust God to become better and to move on to maturity in the things of God, celebrate yourself and give thanks to God. This attitude of celebration is needed to keep us going.

God bless our marriage.

I celebrate myself and my spouse and keep rejoicing.

Lord, help me focus on what you are doing in my life.

Ps 139:14[NKJV] I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.

Look for ten things to celebrate in your life

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How To Celebrate Yourself In Marriage

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