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SINGLES – How To Be An Ideal Man                

Throughout every generation, God seeks a man that can bear his flag. Look through the scripture and you will see that God is always in search of a man that can stand for him and his people.

See what the bible says here;   

And I sought for a man among them… -Ezekiel 22:30 (KJV)

What kind of man is God in search of?

God wants a man that will lift up holy hands in his presence. A man compelled and propelled by a sense of destiny. He wants a man he can bless and prosper who will not withhold from my kingdom, a man that can be his mouthpiece at home and at work; that the anointing can be placed upon!

God wants a man that will not falsify documents, a man that will be faithful to his wife. He wants a man that can be made a channel of blessing to others, someone who will not bow to the systems of the world. God wants a man king enough to bear his message, and lamb enough to refuel in his presence.

A humble man is who God is searching for!

Are you a man he can bless to bless others? Are you a channel?

God doesn’t want a dam! He wants a man he can exalt who will exalt others, not an intimidated and insecure man who is yielded to the flesh all the time.

Are you a man that can raise sons, and not add sores into other destinies?

God wants a man who knows that his kingdom is perpetuated in lifting others and not putting them down.

God is seeking for a man, even in this generation, who will repair destinies and not wreck them; a man that will remember where God picked him from and not mutilate other destinies.

God wants a man that is conscious of the day of reckoning between him and his maker, the very day he will stand before God to give an account of all he has done.

Are you God’s man? Are you one who forgives easily, not someone who will churn out weapons in his arsenal to destroy others?

God seeks a man he can use to lift burdens off others and not add more.

God seeks a man who will not use his name to manipulate ladies into sexual relationships!

God seeks a man who will not use the grace he is given to bring disgrace into the kingdom!

God wants a man who will not try to build ‘his kingdom’ at the expense of the kingdom of his dear son. Can God trust you with His power and riches?

Are you that man who will not use the wisdom and the platform you have been given to manipulate destinies and leave them warped at the end?

God wants a man whose heart is after him!

My question for you this morning is; are you the man God is looking for?

I am a good man / I will find a good man. God will help me!

Father in the name of Jesus, I ask that you flood the eyes of my mind with revelation light. As I study your word give me understanding. Let my relationship be transformed as my mind gets renewed daily.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY              
I will therefore that men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting. -1Timothy 2:8 (KJV)

Check the man in you and sincerely take an inventory to see whether you are pleasing God

Psalms 4-6


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