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Sense is described by Word Web dictionary as “The faculty through which the external world is apprehended”

As Buddy entered his friend’s house, you could tell he was excited. He was grinning from ear to ear he could almost eat Banana from the side of his mouth.

Woah! I have finally found my wife. I am so much in love with her. I asked her out and she said Yes.’

Daniel was happy for him.

‘When did you meet her?’
‘Two hours ago.’

‘What is her name?’
‘Lovett, I don’t know her surname.’

‘And you already asked her out?’

‘And she said yes?’
‘Of course now, what is the meaning of all these questions?’

‘Where is she from?’
‘I don’t know. She must be from heaven.’

‘What does she do?’
‘I don’t know, but she has hot legs!’

One other question that every single will be confronted with is the question of common sense.

You see, you are not supposed to fall in love with strangers. True love emanates from the knowledge of the characters involved. You hardly know somebody you just met some thirty minutes ago. True love should spring up from friendship.

God gave you a brain so that you will not disturb him on some issues that you can already find their answers in God’s Word.

‘I am so happy for you Comfort. Is he born again?
‘l don’t know but he goes to church.’

You don’t need somebody that you can’t even vouch for concerning Salvation. You need somebody that loves God!

‘He does not drink alcohol, he only takes Stout.’
‘He does not do weed, just normal cigarettes. I will convert him after marriage.’

You see, you are not the Holy Spirit. Watch the person you fall in love with. Use your gumption. Spirituality does not mean stupidity or thoughtlessness. The scripture says that discretion will preserve you!

‘I have aborted for him three times, but I cannot leave him. I love him.’ But when he finally ruins your chances of giving birth, he will leave you! Wake up! The reason you cannot leave him or her is not because of love but because of low self-esteem and soul ties, wrong bonding that comes as a result of violating God’s principles as regards jeru trip.

‘I know I am number three on his list.’ So what are you still doing, playing a second fiddle, opening your legs to a man that you know can drop you anytime? You see, hear me, and quote me anywhere, you cannot use jeru trip to buy love. Jeru trip does not guarantee marriage. In fact, it reduces its chances.

Whoever told you that you are ugly? It is money you need! When God blesses you, you will know how beautiful you are! Guys never have problems with appearance, it is always ladies. Haven’t you seen guys with their legs like Hockey sticks, and yet wearing three-quarters short? They don’t care! And they will come and ask you out like that, and you are like, What?

You are not ugly! Beauty is in the beholder’s eyes. You are fearfully and wonderfully created, so says the scriptures. You will be wonderful to some people, and fearful to others, so never mind if someone calls you ‘ugly’ When you meet your spouse, you will be wonderful! So, believe in God and believe in yourself!

I will apply discretion in every area of my relationship as God helps me

Lord, I ask that you give me wisdom and understanding in my relationship in Jesus name.

Proverbs 11:29 [MSG] Exploit or abuse your family, and end up with a fistful of air; common sense tells you it’s a stupid way to live.

Have a hearty discussion with your lover today

2Sam 5:1-10


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