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How big is God? Let me share this story of a little boy’s interaction with his father. Let’s go!

A little boy once asked his father this question:

‘Daddy, how big is God?’

His father chuckled out loud and said, ‘God is very enormous.’

‘How big, I want to know.’

‘Well, how big is God…’ the father thought about it for a while.

Just then an airplane cruised in the sky, the father got an idea. ‘Come to the window, son.’
The boy scooted over to his father.

‘Look at the sky,’ he pointed to the clouds. ‘What’s that in the sky?’

‘It’s an aeroplane. It doesn’t look any big. It’s tiny.’

‘Sure it is.’ He stood up. ‘Have you ever seen an aeroplane on the ground?’

The boy shook his head.

‘Well, let’s go to the airport.’

At the airport, the boy couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the aeroplanes.

‘They are big! he exclaimed. ‘I never imagined they would be like this.’

‘Son, this is how God can be. From afar, He may look small but when you move closer to Him, He gets this big.’

God gets bigger and bigger the closer you get to Him. He doesn’t create the distance. In fact, He removed the distance when Jesus died on the cross.

You can only get to experience His bigness when you spend more and more time with Him and His Word.

Just like the aeroplane in the sky that looks tiny, God will look tiny to you when there’s no regular fellowship with Him. He looks just like a spot of white in the clouds, making you to squint and cover your eyes before you can look at Him.

But when you are near Him, you don’t have to squint or protect your eyes, rather, your eyes might want to pop out of their sockets as you marvel at how enormous He is. God is really big.

God can only be big in your life based on how much of your time you give to Him.

May God give you the grace for such. Amen.

Yahweh, You are bigger than anything, anyone and everything on this earth. I want to keep marveling at such a spectacle as You. Give me more revelation of how big You are as I walk with You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Action plan:
How big you want God to be to you? Answer the question yourself.

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