Help Pastor, We Don't Communicating Well in Marriage

Help Pastor, We Don’t Communicate Well in Marriage

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Help Pastor, We Don’t Communicate Well in Marriage! Communication is so important in marriage. Just as you can do for long without food, the same way, you cannot do without communication in marriage.

There must be good communication between a husband and wife.

A husband and wife must talk about everything and anything. They must not be secretive and they must not hide anything for one another.

Never allow your communication to degenerate into mono-syllable answers, where it seems only one party is doing the talking.

Communication is so important that whole cities and countries have been brought down simply because the two parties involved cannot understand one another.

This is this story of Tower of Babel. They had a great goal; to build a city whose top will reach unto the heavens, God attested to their feat that they would do it.

The only way for God to stop their ambition is to touch their language and they could not understand each other.

Their language became confounded. Once that happened, their project was brought to an abrupt  end.

May I dare say that a lot of opportunities have been truncated because the husband and wife are busy fighting and throwing tantrums, and withdrawing from themselves.

Help Pastor, We Don’t Communicate Well in Marriage! Learn to talk in your marriage.

For communication to take place, there must be a person who is willing to receive and another who is willing to share.

When either party does not want to share and at the same time doesn’t want to receive, that may be a major issue there.

Help Pastor, We Don’t Communicate Well in Marriage! If you are the quiet one in your marriage, then you must consciously encourage your spouse when he or she is talking or joking.

Also, deliberately respond to your spouse and don’t just shake your head. Your spouse is not a Radio station which talks alone most of the time.

Be deliberate about good communication. I pray that God grant you more wisdom. Be blessed! 

I am helped in my marriage. Our communication is getting better.

Lord, strengthen me in my are of weaknesses

Gen 11:7 (MSG) Come, we’ll go down and garble their speech so they won’t understand each other.”

Decide to initiate a meaningful conversation between you and your spouse

Genesis 11

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Help Pastor, We Don’t Communicate Well in Marriage


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