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Handling Your ‘Ex’ As Singles And Married. Break ups in relationships or divorce in marriage are not the best things to look forward to or desire to experience. God hates divorce! However, it happens to a few, even though that is not God’s best for His children.

After broken relationships, separation, or divorce, there will definitely be hurt, betrayal, pain, tears, regret, and heartache. But make up your mind to receive God’s help. Who is at fault is not the issue but getting healed from every hurt. In the name of Jesus, He will give you double for your trouble. God will compensate you so much, He will make you forget.

Here are 5 ways to handle your ‘Ex’ so you don’t become a bitter person but a better person.

Handling Your ‘Ex’ As Singles And Married 

1. Accept the fact that the relationship has ended
Some people may be in denial, hoping and praying something will happen. That something will happen is not your prerogative. It takes two committed people to sustain a relationship.

If your ‘Ex’ is not willing, you can’t change that. Don’t try to put a comma where a full stop already existed. Until you accept this fact you are not ready to move forward. You have to let go of the past so you can enter into the new. Even God had to recognize the death of Moses before Joshua can succeed him.

Handling Your ‘Ex’ As Singles And Married 

2. Reduce all forms of communication to the barest minimum
All forms of communication should be reduced totally. This will help you avoid double dating and cheating on your new lover. All visits, calls, chats, and texts should be cut off. Some people don’t want to be committed to you yet want to enjoy your company. Please don’t allow this.

They will only end up wasting your time, get you emotionally vulnerable, and then hurt you more. Don’t keep checking their Facebook status to catch up on what is happening in their lives. Don’t get jealous when you see them with someone else. Let your ‘Ex’ be. Don’t beg to be loved. Some relationships just can’t work.

Handling Your ‘Ex’ As Singles And Married 

3. Learn from your past relationship
The best revenge you can give the devil is to make up your mind to become better. Don’t let the devil have the last laugh. You might have been cheated or outsmarted, just learn from your past.

It takes two to tangle, so there would have been one or two mistakes you made. Don’t be in a rush to enter another relationship. Don’t try to prove any point.

You are not running a rat race nor are you competing with anyone. Go at God’s pace. Ask questions, what went wrong? What were the wrong choices I made? The questions are not to make you depressed but to make you wiser. Learn human behaviors and tendencies. Learn how not to treat a lover. Learn that ultimately it is only God that keeps and sustains a relationship. Learn that above all God should be top of your priority list.

For people who have been married once, divorce is never the best option for you. God doesn’t want it. But if it has happened, well, you have to trust God to move on, once all hope of reconciliation is out or when there is violence and abuse involved. In addition to what we mentioned above, the key to moving on here is forgiveness. Bitterness will crush you more, so get healed. Don’t use the children to fight back lest you plant bitterness in the heart as well.

I pray God will give you strength in Jesus’ name. Do all you can to fight for your marriage. The consequences of separation and divorce are not what anybody should go through.

I pray that my God will restore that which is lost and fill your mouth with laughter again in Jesus’ name


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