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Growing and Evolving with Your Spouse

Growth and change are two things that are constant in life, relationship and marriage. 

We grow just as our spouse grows and changes.

At this junction, I have to say that there are positive and negative changes that might occur. We are however focusing on the positive changes 

There are a lot of things that will change about us. Our age, our taste, our perspectives on life and things generally, our opinion, our health, and whole other things

As we experience these changes and metamorphosis, usually in becoming a better version of ourselves, our values change. What we spend our time on before is not what we spend our time on now.

Sometimes these changes come with their challenges. Most of the time our spouse begins to see this as strange and begins to react.

They are not used to the new you. This is where adjusting is needed.

We are to adjust to the positive changes of our spouses especially when the changes are beneficial.

Ways to handle your spouse’s positive changes

1. We have to acknowledge and respect the differences in our paths to personal growth.

2. We need to understand and appreciate the fact that evolving as individuals may lead to diverse perspectives and be ready to adjust and cope, not quarrel.

3. See the evolution of your partner as an opportunity to learn and grow. Be ready to learn from the uniqueness of each other

4. Learn to appreciate and celebrate the victories that your spouse’s changes bring.

5. Enjoy the journey together embrace the change and find ways to personally grow as your spouse is growing.

Instead of fighting your spouse’s change and allowing it to bring a wedge between the two of you, step up your own game and embrace the change.

May we and our spouse enjoy the beauty of growth together