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God Will Show Up For You! Happy new month to you all. God’s faithfulness has kept us alive in the days, months and weeks of 2022.

It can only be God. Despite the so many evils and hardships. It is not just another month, it is the last month of 2022.

God saves the best for the last and He is still the God of the last minute miracle. Yes, He is. So in your marriage and relationship, expect God to move like never before. Why? Because He loves you and He has already given you His best. If Jesus could die for you and I, then there’s nothing God cannot do for us.

God will usually want us to corporate with Him in receiving anything from Him. Look at the gift of salvation for example,  Jesus paid the ultimate price for us. He suffered, was crucified, rose again, defeated death, went to hell, gave us the victory. Guess what? With all that Jesus did, we only gain access to this beautiful privilege and transformed life if we accept His sacrifice for us. God Will Show Up For You!

If you don’t believe and accept, then you forfeit all the right and privileges of redemption. You lose all these if you fail to do your part. Why does God do

this? He is Lord. He is the unquestionable God. He says what He wants and it  becomes a law. We just have to submit to His will.

Nehemiah 8:10 (KJV) 
Then he said unto them, Go your way, eat the fat, and drink the sweet, and send portions unto them for whom nothing is prepared: for this day is holy unto our Lord: neither be ye sorry; for the joy of the LORD is your strength.

God Will Show Up For You! The last phrase says the Joy of the Lord is your strength.

You can only access the strength of the Lord if you are happy. You access the supernatural strength of God by being joyful.

God says I have a better way for you to have the victory on your relationship and marriage. He says my way and method is for you to be joyful.

Yes, I know your husband is cheating on you. He is been unfair. He lies. He is insensitive. He is cruel and unkind. He has accused you and it hurts bad. Your in-laws are not kind to you. Yes, your relationship is complicated. You have had so many broken relationships. You are afraid of what the future holds. 

Whatever your situation is, in your own marriage or relationship, let the joy of the Lord be your strength.

Maybe you are struggling financially, things are not just working, you need God’s intervention to pay an urgent bill, you are believing God for the fruit  of the womb. You have suffered loss. I know these situations are not palatable, yet God must be obeyed.

Whatever your case maybe, the way to victory is Joy. God Will Show Up For You!

That joy will not be what you feel like doing. You feel like crying, having a pity party, complaining, being sad and depressed. But God says don’t be sorrowful. Be joyful. Be joyful purposefully. Your joy has a purpose, it becomes strength to you. It becomes the strength of God. How powerful that is.

Strength for what? Strength to do God’s will. Strength to march on in victory.

Remember this last month of the year, be joyful. Say no to every form of sadness around you. Avoid the complaining, murmuring, put on the music and dance. Be thankful to God. Then God will show up for you in your relationship and marriage. He will step in. Because you have chosen to obey His word.

You will have the strength to do the impossible. The strength to take up new project. The strength to rise again. The strength to mount up like the  eagles. The strength to access the abundance God has for us.

Some of us have to fight the battle against unhappiness. Learn to be happy again. Be happy with the little you have and see it multiply. Make up your mind to give this last month to joy. You have been sad enough in the last 11 months. Now is the time to change tactics. Be joyful. God Will Show Up For You!

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