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God the Present Help in your Relationship and Marriage

God’s word is powerful enough to be trusted. The word from His mouth will never go back to Him void but will accomplish what it says it would.

If you are a child of God, take refuge in His word and promises.

Whatever the issue or challenge is with your relationship trust God. He is the very present help in times of trouble. You will testify to His faithfulness. ( So far as the perfect will of God is known)

Maybe you are having issues with parental consent. Maybe it is the finances for the wedding that is the issue. Maybe it’s a misunderstanding that has been lingering for long. Maybe it’s peer pressure or listening to the wrong advice. 

I want to encourage you this morning. Take hold of God’s word. 

If you can have it in the word, you can have it in your world. 

That marriage will not end in separation or divorce. The dry bones of that marriage will rise again. Finances will flow again. You will enjoy marital bliss once again. Or if you do not know what it is to enjoy bliss, God’s word will manufacture it.

Isaiah 41:18 GNT 
I will make rivers flow among barren hills and springs of water run in the valleys. I will turn the desert into pools of water and the dry land into flowing springs.  

God’s word promises restoration.  God promises to make rivers flow among barren hills. He will turn the desert into pools of water and dry lands flowing springs.

What a wonderful promise to hold on to.

Whatever looks like dryness in your relationship and marriage, in your finances, or business, God promises to turn it around. 

The issues you face in your relationship and marriage are not meant to break you. They are there to make you stronger.

Jesus told Peter, when thou art converted strengthen your brothers.

Whatever you are dealing with right now is only for an appointed time.  Its season will soon come to pass. Then you will be furnished to strengthen your brethren.

Fight the good fight of faith. After it all, we are still standing.

God’s word is a sure foundation to stand upon.

Don’t give up, believe His word and it will happen for you in your relationship and marriage.

God bless you


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