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From Girlhood to Womanhood

Every female gender starts as a girl. As a girl you are all pretty, flawless, innocent, saintly, naive, and all shades of sweetness. You see a young girl and you want to cuddle her. 

I can bet you, girls are made for cuddles and kisses. 

Every girl born is like a clean slate. To become a lady, you need to be informed.  As your body transforms, other aspects of your life also need to be transformed. You are not just all ‘body’.  You are a container with content. 

The problem however is that failure to fully and properly transform from one stage of development to another affects the proper growth in the other stage.

A girl that doesn’t fully develop cannot become a lady in the right sense of the word.

A lady is one equipped with all the right knowledge and has developed mental capacity in all necessary areas. Financial, emotional (she is mature and has emotional intelligence), psychological, spiritual, mental, etc. 

She has matured from being just a girl. She is not just concerned about her body and her looks.

From being a lady, the proper order is to move from being a lady to being a wife.

Marriage is not what makes a lady a wife. You become a wife before you are married

Proverbs   18:22   NKJV   He  who finds a wife finds a good thing, And obtains favor from the Lord.

The man obtains favor from the Lord because the Lord has taken time to work on the lady turning her into a wife

A wife is emotionally mature, selfless, and ready to submit to the right order of things as constituted by God. She is submitted to her husband. She has learned that to win the heart of your husband takes more than your looks or your body, it takes wisdom.

When you are fully developed as a wife, you are qualified to be a mother indeed. You don’t become a mother by just giving birth to a baby. You are a mother because you can pass the same godly principles to the next generation and nurture godly seeds.

There is so much crisis in society because girls are not becoming ladies and ladies are not maturing to become wives and mothers.

What we have are ladies becoming or performing wifely roles and being mothers. Little wonder about the chaos in marriages.

May we reverse the order and be on course to be godly women in Jesus’ name!