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Five Tips To Having A Graceful Marriage – Part 2

Yesterday, we looked at two of these tips, which are

We will continue on this topic this morning.


There is a great need for accepting your spouse. There is a difference between not accepting your spouse and loving them as they are.

Every character issue or difference our spouse’s show now have always been with them when we were courting. The difference between now and then is that we accepted those character flaws because we were in love.

Love truly is blind but in marriage, our eyes are opened, hallelujah.

Accept your spouse for who they are. We are not giving to change our spouses. Only God’s word and His Spirit can change them. So pray.

You mean I don’t have to talk? Well, yes. At least you minimize your talking and ranting.

But if I don’t talk, how will he/she change? You can talk but not angrily. Because you trust God is the enforcer and the one to change your spouse.

So you give your spouse the gift of ‘accepting’ them. That love you demonstrate can even make them want to change.


In marriage, we must learn to compromise. We live a successful married life when we learn to live a little to the left, a little to the right.

In marriage, you stop living for yourself and start to live for your spouse.
Don’t you ever insist on your own if you want your marriage to be graceful.

Did you miss out on yesterday’s devotional, we’ve got you covered kindly go HERE. For KHC video Devotionals kindly go HERE

My husband, when we were courting, loved beans. He could eat beans three times a day and still eat it the next day. But I was a rice person. On campus then, we always ate together. So he will be like beans and I will be like rice. But we both compromised. Today, we don’t have any issues of whether to eat rice or beans.

Beans provide a high source of protein, so I even opt for beans atimes. My Husband also prefers rice now and hardly does he eat beans. He complains it makes him bloat.

That is a simple one, but we solved that issue by learning to compromise. We were both willing to compromise.


In marriage, we are to show empathy towards our spouse. Where there is no empathy, love is absent. You love your spouse when you are able to empathize with whatever they are feeling.

Empathy simply put is to put yourself in your spouse’s position and feel what they feel. When you are in your spouse’s shoe, you become like they are and feel for them.

Don’t just stay in your position as a male and make decisions. Sometimes, feel what it means to a female and just understand, and vice versa.

Wives, try to be husband for a while with the burden of leading the home and see that it is not easy. So learn to empathize with one another.

There is still more to talk about in this topic. Join me on the concluding part tomorrow by God’s Grace.

God bless your marriage.

My marriage will be glorious.

Lord, help me to respect my spouse at all times.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Reach a compromise with your spouse on certain issues.

John 3

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