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We stated in our devotional yesterday that there are some things that would not just work. As far as we are called ‘wife’ and we want to fulfill our destiny as godly wives, we must stay away from doing such things.

Yes, I agree that some of these things are the normal reactions that women find easy to do. They flow naturally with being women. Naturally, a woman finds it easy to want to disrespect or give the silent treatment when she is not pleased with her husband.

Remember, God has not called us as wives to do what flows with us or comes to our flesh as a natural behavior, but to be spirit controlled and mortify the deeds of the flesh.

For if ye live after the flesh, ye shall die: but if ye through the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body, ye shall live – Rom 8:13 

Yesterday we looked at two out of the five things not to do as a wife. They are

1.  Disrespecting your husband

2. The silent treatment

Let’s conclude.

Did you miss out on yesterday’s devotional, we’ve got you covered kindly go HERE. For KHC video Devotionals kindly go HERE

3. Don’t Usurp Authority

Because women are multitasking, there is a natural tendency for them sometimes to want to fix everything. The mother hood instinct wants everything-to be in order.  There is also a tendency in men to want to sit back and relax especially when the wife decides to step in and fix it all.  The man is the head and the family should be run as a team work. Each person must have their roles to play and function in it. So as a wife, don’t usurp authority.

Let your husband remain the husband and you the wife. Stay at your duty post, don’t leave your duty and focus on the duties of your husband. If you do, you will end up being overwhelmed.

4. Don’t disobey your husband

This is very crucial. Your husband must be obeyed at every time. That is why every wife should be very prayerful. What prayer does is that it brings God to the affairs of your home to intervene.  God has instituted it that the wife is protected in her obedience to her husband. As you pray and are ready to obey your husband, God will intervene in your affairs.

5. Don’t deny your husband Jeru trips

What jeru trip is to a woman is different from what it is to a man. Jeru trip is very necessary for men and guess what, you must be prepared for this task. It is the only task no woman can help you or assist you. Don’t reject him and don’t refuse him for no matter the reason.

So heed my advice now and do as occasions serve you.

God bless our marriage

I will respect my husband publicly and privately.

Ask for the grace to be a good man/woman to your spouse

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. – Rom 8:28 

Show some respect to your spouse

Rom 5-6