Experiencing Fruitfulness In Marriage

Experiencing Fruitfulness In Marriage
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I am continuing from where I stopped yesterday. We started on the topic how to experience fruitfulness is marriage

Now, in the natural, there is a God-ordained way for a woman to go before her womb will carry a child. There must be intercourse with a man. So if you want your womb to be fruitful here are 4 God-ordained way to go about it.

1. Have a relationship with God.

Here I don’t mean a casual church service relationship with God. I mean love Him, with the whole of your heart. Love him with your life. Decide to marry this gracious God. Seek after him. Be a God chaser. Go after him. Let your heart long for him. Reach out to know the God that so love you and have good plans for your destiny.

2. Have intercourse with God’s spirit.

Just like there is no conception without intercourse, there is no birthing of your glorious destiny without fellowshipping with the Spirit of God. Get filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Spend time with the Holy Spirit. You cannot be “gisting” with your friends all day long and expect a conception from the Holy Spirit. There are no postage conception, you have to be physically available.

3. Make God’s word your greatest treasure.

God’s word contains His mind and thoughts. Give attention to God’s word. His word has transforming powers. It changes us from one level of Glory to another.

4. Let your life be so full of thanksgiving and praise.

Let no evil come from your mouth except praises and thanksgiving. Learn it. Every mother had to learn the act of motherhood. You can adjust and learn to be a God praiser. Learn to be a gracious talker. Saying the great things God has promised you in His word rather than your present situation. If it looks like your life is barren, begin to prophesy to yourself, ‘ I am fruitful. My womb shall not be empty.’ And indeed, you shall indeed have what you say.

I pray for you once again, like every pregnant woman, who will carry her child till full term before delivery, you will carry your destiny to full term. You will not suffer an abortion of glory and destiny.

You will learn delayed gratification. You will learn to follow God all the way. You will enjoy the Grace of God over your life. Your life and destiny will be colourful and sweet. Your helpers of destiny will arise on your behalf. They will help you deliver your miracle child in Jesus name. Your womb will have fruits to show God’s faithfulness.

The womb of your marriage shall not know regrets in Jesus Name. Where there have been disappointment, there shall be restoration. Double for your trouble. Beauty for your ashes and songs of praise for your times of mourning. God will give Grace and Glory and no good thing will He with hold from you.

In your career, business and health, God will meet you at the point of your needs. He will order your steps and lead you in the way you should go with His eyes upon you. You will not be a misfired arrow in life in Jesus Name. May you major in the major and minor in the minor. May you continually choose that which is beneficial to you destiny.

I am fruitful. I will conceive

Lord, I receive the grace to be fruitful in all areas

“You’re here to bear fruit, reproduce, lavish life on the Earth, live bountifully!”” (Gen 9:7, MSG)

Spend time with God

Proverbs 25 – 26


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By Sophia Okunowo

Pastor Sophia is a mother, mentor and pastors along side her husband.

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