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Elements of a Love Sealed in Vows

This three-word sentence is very profound because there is an element of decision and acceptance.

These two elements are very important to the survival of any marriage. The element of the decision will help every couple realize that their choice to marry who they are married to, is a decision that cannot be changed.

I usually tell engaged people, on your wedding day, your guests will enjoy the food and leave afterward but you will have to live with your choice till death do your part. That’s why it is advisable not to fall in love blindly. In marriage, love is not blind at all.

Once you are married to your spouse, your decision is signed and sealed. There is no point in trying to change things. What should be aimed at is working at enjoying your decision.

Elements of a Love Sealed in Vows

The second element is acceptance. When you say, ‘I married You’, you are being specific with no option of comparing your spouse with another. You married your spouse, with their strength, weaknesses, struggles, past, present, and future together.

Marriage is a lifelong covenant journey. Once you are in it, you have to keep at it. Make every effort to make your journey together worthwhile and fun. There is no point in enduring hurts and offenses. Make up your mind to enjoy your marriage all the way. Your enjoying your marriage is not dependent on your situation, it’s dependent on your decision.

Here are five things that will help you in your ‘decision and acceptance’ of the person you married.

Elements of a Love Sealed in Vows

1. Never compare your spouse

Your spouse is unique in his/her own special way. Your spouse can never be like the other person. Your spouse is manufacturer specific. You can not change her, you can only influence them positively.

2. Never secretly prefer another person to your spouse

This is a secret sin. It is dangerous so try it. Whatever happens in mind will happen in time.

3. Never believe the lie that your spouse is nothing to desire or admire

What you appreciate will get better. Shower accolade and appreciation on your wife or husband. Your spouse is your own, why do you leave yours to focus on what is another man’s?

4. Never leave God out of your marriage

Marriage comes with its challenges, it’s only the God factor that makes a great difference. When God is made the center of your marriage, He teaches you how to be merciful to your spouse’s weaknesses and live peaceably with each other in love.

5. Never stop loving your spouse

In marriage, love is both an action word and a noun. The more you love your spouse, the more you see and experience love.

Love is an unending circle, it’s meant to keep going round and round. When you sow love, you reap love and it keeps on.

God bless your marriage.


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