Don’t Carry That Load Into Marriage

Don’t Carry That Load Into Marriage

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Don’t Carry That Load Into Marriage. Sade is such a sweet lady who met Bode, a charming handsome guy. It was love at first, second and third sights! They fell in love like their love story was written from heaven itself.

Their courtship was short because they were both nearing their thirties. They were the quintessential couple, serving it hot for their teeming followers on Instagram.

They were so much in love or so it seemed. After the wedding, and just a few months after, several issues emanated and both of them were wondering where they found themselves.

They both had traveling baggage that they brought into the marriage! Don’t Carry That Load Into Marriage!

People whose baggage are traveling bags, seem like they have no issues, but the reality is that they have mastered the art of tucking away their weakness for months at a time.

Just like you don’t travel every day, they don’t show their issues every time. But seasonally, their “demons” come to the fore and seek to scatter things!

As soon as the imbroglio is settled, there would seem to be peace, but it would be short-lived. After some months, the problem rares its head again. It becomes frustrating because it would now seem the issues is there to be managed for life.

Jesus did not call you to manage problems and carry your baggage all through life.

He issues an eternal invitation and asks that you come for rest!

Are you tired from this load? Don’t Carry That Load Into Marriage!

Mat 11:28 (CEV) If you are tired from carrying heavy burdens, come to me and I will give you rest.

Talk to Jesus now, and He would surely give you rest!

Good morning!

I have rest from all troubles in Jesus’ name  

Lord, open my eyes to see what I need to work on by your grace 

Mat 11:28 (GNB) “Come to me, all of you who are tired from carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest.

Empty your handbag at the foot of the cross

Matt 12

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Don’t Carry That Load Into Marriage


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