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It is good to follow the peace of God in your heart and not just your flesh.

It is good to stay in joy in the Holy Ghost; which is expressed always with your shout, dance, laughter, and singing.

This is how you get into the kingdom. This is how you get a spouse in the kingdom.

It is not just in spending unnecessary money all over the place. It is not just in making a decision because you saw the hips.

This thing goes beyond the pulchritude. It extends beyond the externals. It is not in partying all over the place, it is never in meat and drinks.

The believer that will get anywhere in God must be disciplined. Fast at least once a week. Leave the meat and the drinks alone.

How do you tell me you are a child God and you do all the alcohol, you smoke, party, and you do all that the unbeliever do? Something is not quite right there!

You may succeed in hiding the masturbation, pornography, and all the secret sins from your pastor, but those sins are so loud in heaven! And that is where your blessings come from, not from your pastor.

Do you want to please your pastor while you don’t care what God thinks? That is dangerous!

Fear God o!

Your thoughts are louder in heaven than your voice on earth! The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

The hips, the lips, and the trips are really important but never concentrate on that alone at the expense of God. When you leave God out, you are inviting crisis and storms.

You can live right with the help of the Holy Spirit. Ask Him to help you!

Then, take decisions. You cannot be asking the Holy Spirit to help you from sexual sin and then on Friday, you pack your load to go and spend the weekend in his place! That is mocking God and His word! And it is not a good place to be.

Your prayers must be backed up by tough decisions. Tough decisions about your destiny! 

Some numbers must be deleted. Some associations must be severed.

You keep saying she is the one seducing you and yet you keep visiting her every night. No, you are the seducer o!

You have been in several relationships. All of them were sexual. All of them broke up. The pattern is clear enough! Stop ignoring the obvious and take charge of your destiny.

It is not only sex that can lead to breakups. There are relationships that were non-sexual and yet broke up!

It could be you rushed into it, it could be your attitudes, it could be anger problem, and it could just be that is not God’s best for you.

There are good men that could be wrong men for you. There could be a good lady, and yet she is the wrong one for you.

The baseline is to get close to God. The Holy Spirit will lead you through His peace in your heart.

Leave the meat, drink, fun, and all of that for a while and concentrate on the threefold cord that runs through the kingdom of God.

May God give you more understanding in Jesus name!

We break the power of iniquity in your life in the name of Jesus. I release God’s peace, shalom, nothing missing, nothing broken, to surround you in Jesus name!

I pray that the joy of the Lord is yours today and forevermore!

I refuse to mock God in any way

Lord, help me to live with your fear in mind

Rom 14:17(MSG) God’s kingdom isn’t a matter of what you put in your stomach, for goodness’ sake. It’s what God does with your life as he sets it right, puts it together, and completes it with joy.

Decide to do it God’s way

Rom 14


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