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SINGLES – Dear Single, Are You A Favour Factor?

One of the ways God blesses us is through His favour upon us. There is nothing like having favour with God and favour with men! This favour comes when you are consistent with God and you live your life based on His principles.

This favour becomes activated when you refuse to trust in your own way of doing things and you decide to put your trust in Him as your father and the lover of your soul.

When you are out of this favour, struggles become the order of the day.

Relationships and marriage as designed by God are not supposed to be a nemesis, a source of agony and tales of regrets. It is supposed to usher you into favour!

Find a good spouse, you find a good life, and even more: the favour of GOD! –Proverbs 18:22 (MSG)

Favour is one factor you cannot joke with. Even Jesus had to increase in favour before God and man to be successful while on earth. Dear Single, Are You A Favour Factor?

Marriage then is a wonderful opportunity and a license into this favour. God is saying here that when you get married, you enter into favour.

No wonder the devil is constantly fighting the marriage institution. He is fighting your relationships because he does not want you to experience the favour factor in your marriage.

He tries to confuse a man as to who to find, how to find and where to find. He tries to make sure that the lady is not findable.

It is not the wedding ceremony that makes the lady a wife. That verse says, ‘He that finds a wife,’ which means you must become a wife material before you can be found.

That is when you are ready to be given out.  Can a man look at you and say, you are the good that I am looking for?

Lady, are you a favour factor? You have to be with the Lord before you can be given to the man from the Lord! Until you are connected to God fully and completely, you cannot fulfil this purpose of being a favour from the Lord to your husband.

Dear Single, Are You A Favour Factor?

To be continued…

I do not rely on my own understanding. I put my trust in God. He will direct me today. I am not confused; God’s light from His word is dawning upon my soul. I have favour in my relationship. I have favour in my marriage. I am favoured, and I am a favour channel.

God, help me to choose rightly. According to your word, O Lord, I am a favour factor to my spouse I nullify every negative power working against the counsel of God for my relationship. I declare RESTORATION of all that has been lost.

You may inherit all you own from your parents, but a sensible wife is a gift from the LORD. Proverbs 19:14 (CEV)

Take a pragmatic inventory before you make that proposal or before you give your consent, and ask yourself whether God is involved. If God is not involved, it may not be worth it.

Jeremiah 18


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