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Dear Lover, When Will You Decide? Decisions are powerful. So much powerful that everything depends on it. Imagine the number of decisions you have made today! Its amazing! As a matter of fact, you are reading this devotional because you decided to do so!

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Some of you will obey, and some of you will just simply continue reading. That’s a decision you took right there!

But seriously, go ahead and share….decide to decide!

After sharing, that’s all it takes to decide. You just do what needs to be done. You refuse to procrastinate! You learn obedience to the point your obedience is complete so that every disobedience can be avenged!

Dear Lover, When Will You Decide? Why am I writing about decisions today?

You all remember Jacob and Esau. How Jacob deceived his brother and stole the blessing. As a result of that Jacob hated him and wanted to kill him.

Esau’s father could not really bless him but he made a significant statement to Esau which is the crux of our teaching this morning. Let’s take a look at it.

Gen 27:40 (KJV) 
And by thy sword shalt thou live, and shalt serve thy brother; and it shall come to pass when thou shalt have the dominion, that thou shalt break his yoke from off thy neck.

Now let’s take a look at another translation.

Gen 27:40 (CEV) 
You will live by the power of your sword and be your brother’s slave. But WHEN YOU DECIDE to be free, you will break loose.”

Wow! Esau, despite that your blessing is stolen, despite that you will serve your brother and be his slave, the day YOU DECIDE to be free is when you will be free!

That took the responsibility off God completely!

O God, I want to marry, Do it. Let me be found. Let me find.

God answers:
The day you decide to marry is when you will marry!

When you have dominion, when you come to yourself, when you take responsibilities and stop offering excuses, when you stop yielding to your flesh and you learn to put your body under, when you come into sonship and put away childish things, when you DECIDE for God, then you will get done what you want to do! Selah! Dear Lover, When Will You Decide?

Good morning!

I will decide for God. I will no longer procrastinate


Lord, help me to make that decision!

Gen 27:40 (MSG) You’ll live by your sword, hand-to-mouth, and you’ll serve your brother. But when you can’t take it any more you’ll break loose and run free.

Take a step of action today 

Gen 27


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