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Women get easily hurt. And the husbands may not even be aware that they are hurt because their needs are miles apart.

Those are the times a husband asks his wife, “what is wrong?” She simply answers “Nothing!”She says nothing because she doesn’t feel good explaining that something so little gets her upset.  Or she knows if she tries to explain, the husband might end up making her look like an idiot. So she keeps quiet.

What are examples of those little things that could upset your wife?

Here we go.

1. Don’t do things that make her uncomfortable sexually. Don’t embarrass her and don’t compare her with some past escapades.

2. Don’t ignore her when it comes to making important of financial decisions. Don’t leave her in the dark, keeping her guessing all the time.

3. Don’t compare her with others especially when it has to do with her appearance, weight or hairdo. Don’t go out of your way to appreciate and dote on other women while you completely ignore her.

4. Don’t do things that you have disallowed her from doing, making her feel like a little child who cannot think for herself.

5. Don’t ignore her when she is emotionally down or physically tired. Don’t say things like, “I am tired of you. When you get out of your nasty moods, let me know!”

6. Don’t hug and embrace other ladies endlessly while you don’t even hold her hands in public. Go out of your way and offer some PDA! Public Display of Affection!

7. Don’t leave her alone to do all the house chores while still expecting her to be an amazon in bed later in the night. That would be insensitive.

8. Don’t make her do all the pornographic antics and gymnastics you could have watched in the past, and then making her feel she is frigid if she couldn’t do such. Rather appreciate her for not having a dirty mind and understand that most things you watched were acted by professional prostitutes and men of depraved mind!

9. Don’t watch football all day and all night while refusing to let her watch her favorite programs. Don’t make her look like an idiot for her preference of programs. Join her to watch sometimes, and encourage her to join you as well.

10. Don’t forget or deliberately ignore her special days like birthdays and other anniversaries. That will hurt her. Rather go out of your way to set notifications so that you can surprise her on those special days.

May God grant more understanding

I am good spouse

Lord, bless our marriage

Pro 5:18 (KJV)
Let thy fountain be blessed: and rejoice with the wife of thy youth.

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Acts 1-3