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I saw on our Facebook page a comment where somebody said that all men are liars. She said there are no truthful men. It was the same thing Elijah said at a time when he told God that all the people are compromised except him, but God told him there are still 7,000 men who have not bowed to Baal!

The truth is that you will always attract what you believe. A person’s life will always move in the direction of his most dominant thoughts. If you believe all men are liars, that is who will be attracted. It is one of the basic laws. If you believe there are faithful men and there are, you will be found of such people.

I understand a bit where the lady that commented might be coming from. It is possible she has had several negative experiences with men and I feel for her. But you see, experiences will not nullify the truth of God’s word!

This is the lesson here, never allow your experiences to overshadow the truth of God’s word in your life!

Back to our devotional:

Yesterday, I showed you two kinds of men you should run away from.

1. The man I am not in love with
2. The man that tells lies

3. The man that is unfaithful
Well, I have heard some ladies say things like every man is unfaithful. There is no man that doesn’t have other ladies out there. That is not true and that is a justification and encouragement of adultery. That concept is from the pit of hell.

If all men cheat on their wives, then what have we been teaching? Where is the place of the delivering power of God? Where is the place of renewal of mind by God’s word?

I don’t cheat on my wife and I don’t have any lady out there and I know I am not alone!

If I were a single lady, I will run away from a guy who is already rehearsing for adultery during a supposed courtship. I will not accommodate or manage iniquity.

But pastor, if I am too hard, will I get a spouse? You see, it is not about being hard; you shouldn’t be hard on anybody because you are not perfect yourself, but you should seek to obey God! That’s all. Follow God! I am sure God does not want you involved with a guy who wants to marry you and who has still has other girlfriends and you know! God is not in that kind of arrangement!

4. The man that doesn’t love God
If I were a single lady, I will not get involved with a man that doesn’t love God. If he doesn’t love God and has no regard for God, it will invariably affect you one way or the other.

But Pastor, what if I want to change him? You are not a “changer” You are not the Holy Spirit who convicts! Listen to me, there is something about a family that loves God.

Now, I have to balance this out here. What about those that are already married?
Pastor, are you saying I should leave my spouse? NO! Is there still hope for things to be made right? YES!

There could even be situations where you got married as an unbeliever. Now you got born again. Do you leave your spouse? No! You step into intercession and the place of prayers to trust God for your spouse as well. And believe me, God will answer a heartfelt prayer for your spouse, because God is not only interested in individuals, He is also interested in families.

Never give up on God, because God will never give up on you!


I know how to love correctly.

Lord, help me not to fall in love with the wrong person. Teach me when to run away.

Don’t turn your back on wisdom, for she will protect you. Love her, and she will guard you. Prov 4:6 (NLT)

Take an inventory of your love life. Run away when neccessary.

Prov 4


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