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Dealing With In-Laws In Marriage. Our parents and the parents of our spouse are very much part of our family. In fact, we should be grateful to them for bringing up our spouse.

No doubt, their sacrifices have contributed to making our spouses who they are. Whether they brought them up well or not is another thing, that God used them to preserve the life of your spouse is enough to be grateful for.

Most times, our parents and in-laws are a blessing. They give advice and help us with babysitting. The question then is how do we deal with their excesses? Grandparents and Grand In-laws are usually less busy with work, so they tend to be busybodies.

When they become a pain in the neck, how do we handle things? When they seem to go out of their boundaries, what do we do? When they become a distraction to us and our marriage, how do we handle them, without hurting them?

When their demands are affecting our finances, what do we do? When our religious beliefs are different and at loggerheads, what do we do? When because they are humans, they tend to come between us and our wife or husband, what do we do? When they want us to do things opposing our conscience, what do we do?

When we have a sick parent-in-law or parent, should we reject and abandon them? When we face pressures from in-laws about responsibilities they put upon our shoulders, what do we do?

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All these questions and many others are what we face daily and these affect our marriages in no small way. They affect our relationship with our spouse.

Basically, no two situations are exactly the same. We need wisdom from God to handle these issues. Prayer is very important and relationship with the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit that will show us the true picture and give us the solutions we need.

He will tell us the right words at the right time to speak to them. The Holy Spirit will even tell us the right gifts to get.

Here are some wise tips to help you handle in-law issues

1. Know God’s order; it’s your spouse first before the family
2. Don’t hurt the feelings of your spouse because of some in-law
3. Live within your means and budget
4. Have an account for emergencies from which you take care of such needs.
5. Let parents and in-law know that you and your spouse are inseparable and nothing can separate you.
6. Protect and defend yourselves before your in-laws.
7. Love your parents and in-laws but let them know that you have a responsibility to your own family first.

God bless our marriage!

I live considerably with my in-laws

Lord, give me wisdom to handle my in-laws

1 Corinthians 13:4 Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up,

Pray for wisdom

1 cor 13


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