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Dating Dynamics For Singles and Couples 

Let’s talk about something we all think about at some point: the journey from dating to saying “I do.” Whether you’re swiping right, already in a relationship, married, or just curious, you will learn something new today! 

Dating Days 

So, you’re dating. It’s like being on an adventure where you’re getting to know your partner. What makes them laugh, what dreams they’re chasing, and yeah, even what annoys them? Let me warn you, however, that you will never truly be able to know everything about them until you are MARRIED!

  1. Exploration Time: Think of dating as your exploration mission. You’re learning about each other’s past, what you believe in, and what you both want down the road.
  2. Talking It Out: Communication is key. It’s all about being real and honest with each other and building a strong foundation for whatever comes next. Talk about everything! 
  3. You Do You: It’s crucial to keep being yourself while you’re part of a duo. Balancing “me” and “we” is the real deal. Do not lose your identity because you are in love.
  4. Dealing with Disagreements: Too many disagreements? Normal. How you tackle these moments can make or break your future together.

Taking the Leap

Getting married isn’t just about food and parties. It’s like leveling up in a game where you commit to tackle all of life’s levels together.

1. Deep Connections: Once you’re married, you share more, support more, and get each other on a deeper level. Your destinies become wedged together!

2. Money Talks: From who’s paying for dinner to saving for a dream vacation money matters start to shift once you’re married. Most quarrels emanate from money issues. It is good to settle in this area. 

3. New Daily Life: It will no longer be just you, but now the two of you. You move from being selfish to selfless in other to be a good spouse!

After the “I Do”

Marriage is about growing on what you’ve already built, diving deeper into knowing and supporting each other.

  1. Be Committed: Marriage means you’re in it together, come what may, with a stronger sense of commitment.
  2. Deeper Chit-Chats: As life changes, the way you talk and connect evolves too. You must learn to be open, naked and not ashamed.
  3. More Than Lovey-Dovey: Intimacy goes beyond the physical; it’s about connecting on all levels, being each other’s rock. Be there for yourselves, in the bedroom and out of the bedroom
  4. Be on the same Page: You’ll face challenges, sure, but you’ll do it together, which only makes your bond stronger. One will chase a thousand, two will chase ten thousand!

Keep Dating! 

Don’t let the flames of romance die out. Keeping the love alive is key to a happy marriage.

  1. Date Nights: Keep dating each other, even after you’re married. It keeps things fun and fresh.
  2. Talk the Talk: Keep the conversation going. Talk about your dreams, fears, and everything in between. The moment you stonewall, the wall is broken down and the devil will come in!
  3. Support Squad: Support each other’s goals and dreams. It’s you two and Jesus against the world and the devil, remember?
  4. Shake Things Up: Try new things together. It keeps the excitement alive. Be creative. Fight boredom. Do something new.

From dating to marriage, it’s about enjoying the journey together, through the ups and downs, and maintaining your joy all along the way! 


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