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1. Singles have all the time in this world. They don’t know the meaning of “busy.” When I hear singles say they are busy, I just smile. They should wait till they are married. A married couple lives busy lives, especially when the kids start arriving.

Lesson – Do all you want to do now, don’t postpone anything. Stop making statements like you will serve God more after marriage. You are going to get busier. I read the whole Bible many times over as a single in one or two months. As a married man, it takes me like six months to do that, and not as frequently as I used to do it. Married couples, make sure you strike a balance in your life. God first, your family, and then your work.

2. Most of the time, singles simply live for themselves. They are accountable to no one and they can go anywhere when they want. An ideal couple lives for each other, placing each other’s desires above all. There has to be a lot of plans and consultations.

Lesson – Singles, live deliberately and not irresponsibly. Make sure you have a mentor or an authority figure you defer to. Married couples, learn to carry along one another in decisions, you are no longer single.

3. Singles who have jeru trip constantly end up confused in their soul and get the relationship broken, because they are violating God’s principles. When God’s principles are violated, the soul enters into confusion. Married people who have jeru trip constantly WITH EACH OTHER and who remain faithful to each other are bonded the more. Jeru trip within marital sanctity is healthy for a couple and it is a marital glue.

Lesson – Singles, don’t slow yourself down with jeru trip or any other sexual sin. Don’t dip your hands into sin, only to come and conclude that there is a generational curse somewhere. Married couples, never deny each other, don’t unwittingly open up yourselves for devil’s attacks in your sexual life.

4. Singles who abstain from jeru trip before marriage and stay clean in other areas of their lives will have God’s favour, blessing, and grace working for them. They will know the true joy and blessings that follow obedient children of God. Married people who deny each other jeru trip or use it as punishment or reward are outrightly living in disobedience and God will not answer their prayers.

Lesson – Singles, there is a blessing in following God. There is a blessing in refusing to compromise. God will honour you for that. Married couples, you can keep the devil at bay by being faithful to your spouse.

5. Singles who double date are rehearsing for adultery. Whatever you rehearse for a long time, you become an expert at.

They are sowing wrong seeds into their lives, and the harvest would not be desirable. Married couples who are adulterous or into extra marital are deceived, and they are sowing seeds of regrets and pain. Adultery is not only sinful, see what the scriptures say about it:

Pro 6:32 AMP But whoever commits adultery with a woman lacks heart and understanding (moral principle and prudence); he who does it is destroying his own life.

Here is Message translation

Pro 6:32 MSG Adultery is a brainless act, soul-destroying, self-destructive;

Be wise and let these lessons sink!

I am a wise single. I learn all the lessons I need for my advancement.

Ask for wisdom to apply all the above lessons rightly.

Prov 6:32 (GW) Whoever commits adultery with a woman has no sense. Whoever does this destroys himself.

Take these lessons to heart

Prov 6


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