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I will be taking us on a series and I believe it will help our marriages. The points I will be sharing with us are from a Whatsapp post. I will not just be giving us points but will be taking out time to discuss the points and how it affects our marriage.

If you can also discuss these points with your spouse or in a small group as we do on KHC women whatsapp group, it will be more effective.

Why do we have to build a happy and lasting Marriage? Because like any institution, marriage has the capacity to become old and obsolete. It is our responsibility to build into our marriage values that will keep it renewed.

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Like a machine, it has to be greased, oiled, serviced and its parts replaced or repaired. In marriage, no one knows it all. When the husband begins to think he is right all of the time and cannot be wrong, trouble is brewing.

We want to be sure the ingredients we are using to build our marriage can stand the test of time.
We need to raise a standard of the blood of Jesus against all that is militating against our marriage, especially in this end times.

There are specific wisdom needed to build our homes and marriages which does not answer to the wisdom we have in business or in nation building or in leadership, although some principles do apply.

Let’s go into the points.

1. Understand each other.

This is huge in any marriage that will succeed and will last. It will be pride for a husband and wife to think that they know or fully understand their spouse.

Understanding your spouse is what you will never graduate from. Both spouses must be willing and ready to keep on understanding each other.

You are different and may never be the same forever. Respect the fact that you are individuals with strengths and weaknesses.

The marriage is as strong as you strengthen each other’s weaknesses when you respond and not react to each other.

Marriage is like the jigsaw puzzle, the puzzles are never the same but fit perfectly to form a beautiful picture which individually can never be formed.

I will stop here today.
May God build with us and help us build lasting marriages in Jesus name.
God bless our marriage

I seek to understand my spouse

Lord I receive grace to understand my spouse more

1Pe 3:8 Finally, be ye all of one mind, having compassion one of another, love as brethren, be pitiful, be courteous

Be patient to understand your spouse

John 10


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