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5. The test of people skill.
That is respect for individuals. People are like ladders. Does he treat people well? How about his mum, sisters, father, colleagues, et cetera. Is she courteous? Is she respectful? Does she disdain folk with a passion?

Your spouse-to-be will not likely treat you better than his or her family. How he behaves with his or her family is a template of what will eventually happen.

6. The test of excellence.
That is wisdom. Is he hungry for wisdom or does he think he knows it all? A friend who isolates himself will crash. He or she cannot be corrected. There are no authority figures that can speak to him or her.

Let me tell you something here. The moment you look at a person and there is nobody you can report him to, there are no regards for parents or pastors, he is just an island by himself, you need to reconsider such friendships. It is a trap of the devil and such tendencies are symptomatic of an unhealthy outlook on life.

7. The test of God’s fear.
He must love God. She must be a God-lover. Does he value God and His word? Does she revere God? This is the ultimate acid test. If he doesn’t love God, he cannot love you! If he treats the things of God shabbily, he will end up treating you the same way.

Let him or her be a person that fears God! It is not enough to say one is born again these days because the term has been grossly misapplied. It is not even enough to say one is a pastor or a choir leader or administrator in church, the question is does he or she fear God?

It was the fear of God that made Joseph run away from adultery. It was the lack of God’s fear that made Samson with all his anointing to get into sexual sins repeatedly until he brought himself down. God gave him a long rope because the scripture says he judged Israel for twenty years.

May God expound these words in our hearts in Jesus name.

I test all spirits before I walk.

Ask the Lord to open your eyes before you take that walk.

Proverbs 9:10 (KJV)The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.

Carry out the above tests before you walk.

Prov 9


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