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Avoiding Distractions As Lovers And Couples.

We live in a world where it is so easy to be distracted.

It becomes increasingly difficult to focus on particular things per time not to talk of focusing on a particular person.

We get distracted by our changing desires, the information available to us, and the influence of social media.

We are confronted daily with making choices or remaining steadfast to the choices we have made.

Our relationship is not left out in the battle for our focus.

Lovers find it more difficult to commit to the pledge to love each other and end up as husband and wife.

The level of trust is gradually diminishing.

Relationships do not seem to have the old-time solid foundation of trusting each other.

Here are five ways to avoid distractions and focus on the one you love.

1. Celebrate yourselves

Remember the good virtues you first cherished in the one you love.

What you celebrate will increase in value.

If you keep talking about how lovely your boo or bae is, it helps you to be more endeared to him/her.

2. Avoid emotional attachments

Don’t enjoy the company of the opposite sex to the extent that you are getting emotionally attached.

Avoid all forms of emotional attachment no matter how enjoyable it seems. The emotional attachment is a distraction.

3. Avoid seeking pity

Don’t report your boo or bae to the opposite sex to engender pity or sympathy.

A relationship or secret affair may start

4. Stay on the Word

Keep focused on the word God gave you before you started the relationship.

That word becomes the anchor of your soul.

That word is strong enough to keep you away from every form of distraction and keep you focused.

5. Be sensitive

Avoid all forms of unsolicited care, attention, and kind gesture from the opposite sex.

Any gift given by a secret admirer can lead to distraction soonest if not tamed.

Learn to say No, to certain unnecessary kind gestures.

Know how to discern between favor from God and the devil’s trap to distract you from your God-given relationship.

As a guy don’t be unnecessarily kind to a lady who is not your bae especially if you are already in a relationship!

May God give us more understanding!

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