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Continued from yesterday…

As they sat before me in the office, I counseled them and then explained a few things.

1. While you were on campus, you gave access to the devil in your life when you flouted the rules of the fellowship. That deception was the loophole that the devil capitalized on to have an inroad into your life. You see, one degree away from truth is falsehood. When you start telling lies, you are dancing on the terrain of the devil because he is that father of all lies.

2. You had no mentor or pastor over your relationship. There will always be issues you wouldn’t be able to handle alone. Mentors are supposed to save you from the tormentors of life.

3. God is never mocked. All the time you combined ministering with deceptive lifestyle, it was only the mercy of God that kept you alive. You were sowing the wrong seeds that would later haunt you.

4. The compromise you had then has destroyed trust between the two of you. And up till now, that trust is still missing. You now need to do something about it so that you don’t crash your marriage eventually. No marriage will survive without trust.

5. You asked God for forgiveness and He forgave you, but both of you have refused to forgive yourselves.

6. You need to forgive yourselves and allow the trust to be rebuilt again in your life. If you keep on being victims of your past, your past will control you.

7. As a married couple, find someone to mentor both of you.

8. And now, an important point. Consciously build trust again. You do that by constant communication. Never hide anything from each other again. Be open; be naked and not ashamed.  Don’t allow secrets to be discovered. That will rupture trust the more. If anybody is disturbing you, open up immediately. If he or she has to discover, then trust is ruptured the more.

9. Pray together regularly. You cannot ignore that.

10. Relax together. Talk a lot. Go on outings together. Spend time together and rebuild that trust!

I see you come out victorious.

I will not be a victim of the past arrows

Pray that God will help you to heal from wounds of past arrows

Eph 1:18 [GW] Then you will have deeper insight. You will know the confidence that he calls you to have and the glorious wealth that God’s people will inherit.

Pray against arrows

Rom 4

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