Arrows from the single years

Arrows From The Single Years – Part 2

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Continued from yesterday…

They were in love with each other the moment they set eyes on each other, and they expressed their love for one another. However, the executives of the fellowship were not allowed to initiate a relationship or be in courtship while in the office unless they have started a relationship before assuming the office. So, they had to keep the relationship secret.

However, they were so much in love, and in no time, they began to get physical. They haven’t gone all the way yet, but it was like they got involved in everything apart from actual penetration.

It wasn’t a good time for them, because they would ask God to forgive them and they would be there again. Eventually, they went all the way and they compromised. It was difficult for them because everybody looked up to them. They began to live in deceit. They needed help but they didn’t know who they can talk to without being seen as the greatest and the most monumental disgrace and disappointment to Christianity!

After a while, the deception went to another level. Bode’s conscience became seared and he believed the lie that God must be overlooking what he was doing since he would still operate under the anointing. Bode would sleep with Terry and then would still preach on fornication. He was a walking error…and he didn’t know.

Terry could not handle that level of deception. Eventually, she went to seek help, and both of them were summoned over the holidays and restored back to their fellowship with God. They stopped from that time on till they eventually got married, but a wrong seed has been sown into the foundation of their marital journey and that is what is haunting them six years after marriage.

Terry believed that Bode would still compromise at any opportunity because he could accommodate deception while he was the president of the fellowship. Bode believed, that since Terry could not stop him then and be strong, she is still probably weak and vulnerable and he keeps searching her phone suspiciously all the time.

To be continued tomorrow…

I will not be a victim of the past.

Pray that God will help you to heal of the past

Eph 1:18 [GW] Then you will have deeper insight. You will know the confidence that he calls you to have and the glorious wealth that God’s people will inherit.

Forgive all who hurt you

Rom 4

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Arrows From The Single Years – Part 2


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