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Are You Single Or Married?

I want to quickly identify some things to take note of regarding marriage. Singles and newly married, take note of the following 

1. You can not live like a bachelor or spinster in marriage

There are some lifestyles that are associated with a single life.

You must be ready to let go of such lifestyles. For example, you were keeping late nights or hanging out with friends for long hours.

Before you say ‘I do’, you must be ready to part with your old lifestyles.

You cannot combine the two. You cannot put new wine into old wine skin.

The problem is that some people want to enjoy the benefits of marriage but want to live a single life.

As a wife, you are good with cornflakes and noodles, but as a wife, if your husband says he wants really good food, you have to do that.

Yes, there should be compromise sometimes when you help each other or eat out especially when both of you have been at work all-day

But essentially, it’s no longer about you alone, it’s now the two of you!

Are You Single Or Married?

2. You must be responsible

Marriage life requires responsibility. It’s a life of being responsible.

You don’t live for yourself alone. You think about your spouse and your family’s well-being.

You think and carry the thoughts of your family everywhere you go.

That will inform your decision at the time. You don’t just wake up one morning and decide to travel for three weeks.

Your life as a married man or woman must reflect responsibility in all areas.

That’s why society frowns at it if a married woman or man dresses seductively because that is not expected of him/her. A married person is expected to be responsible.

God bless you this morning! Have a fantastic day ahead!

Are You Single Or Married?

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