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Are You Finding It Difficult To Forgive? Joyce Meyer said in her commentary of the Amplified Bible that she wondered and asked the Lord one day why is it that people come back in the line after they have been prayed for that they have difficulty forgiving.

They were miserable, back at the same spot they were. She found out that it mostly had to do with the difficulty in forgiving offenders,

If you are like that, In your life you wonder why you have so many issues with an unforgiving spirit.

You are right back where you were. Unable to forgive that man or woman.

Are You Finding It Difficult To Forgive?

It can even be your husband or wife. Or someone really close. Parents, siblings, or friends. Betrayal or feelings of being betrayed can be very hurting.

You genuinely want to forgive. You try hard to forgive but yet you find it difficult to forgive.

You pray to God for strength to forgive but yet it is difficult.

There are some forgiveness that are easy but there are some that are just very difficult.

And yet forgiveness is essential to your moving forward and your prosperity.

Forgiveness is so important that God will wait for you. It is an important lesson we all have to learn and pass.

The Lord said to Joyce Meyer, It is because they don’t fully obey the word. The Bible says you forgive those who persecute you and bless them.

The blessing is the other part they do not do. They feel blessing them is praying for them to be prosperous.

When the bible says to bless, it is talking about praying for them to be spiritually empowered with the ability to change their attitude.

Are You Finding It Difficult To Forgive?

It is praying for them to have a change of heart.

To see their wrong attitude.

Pray for their change of heart.

When you pray for them you have the release you need to forgive.

You forgive from your heart, and then you find healing and strength for yourself!

God bless your marriage


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